Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are You Ready for August?

Are you ready?  July is finished and August is already underway.  I started August with a run and it was mostly wonderful.

July was not a high mileage month, but I am okay with the miles I ran.  July running recap in three sentences:  We were on vacation for ten days and I managed to exercise on four of them.  I started training for my next half marathon.  I ran 75.6 miles.

What does August have in store for me?  Higher mileage (I'm only assuming), different shoes, lots of time at the pool, company, and doing a lot of relaxing.  What better way to start the month than with a run?!

Ready to run!
Maddie waiting for her turn
Time:  5:59 a.m.
Temperature:  58F at the start, 61F at the end
Training plan:  10 miles at an easy/relaxed pace
Personal plan:  no music, have fun, enjoy
Miles alone:  7.8 miles
Miles with Maddie:  2.45 miles
Pitstops:  1
Average pace:  10:26/mi
Blisters:  2
Shoes that I will never run in again:  current New Balance shoes
Laps:  I felt like I was going in circles around my house (pic below)

Left blister is actually under a callous, right blister is just painful to look at
Around and around I go

This week's plan:
Monday:  rest
Tuesday a.m.:  speed work (warm up, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 (200 RI)
Tuesday p.m.:  night 1 of No Boundaries
Tuesday late p.m.:  In-Laws arrive for a visit
Wednesday:  rest
Thursday:  5 mile tempo run
Friday:  Rest or a few easy miles
Saturday/Sunday:  rest one day/ 9 miles at PHMP + 20 sec

What exercise do you have planned for today?


MCM Mama said...

Ouch, those blisters look awful!

Way to start of August with a nice run.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Oh my gosh - sorry about hour blisters!!! Are they new shoes or old ones? WOW

Take care of them. ;-)

OH - and I really liked the iFitness neoprene pouch belt that you had identified a couple of posts ago. I just might get one. I never take my cell phone with me - but that seems to be a great solution.

Have a great weekend.

Exercise for today: I just got back from a 8.5 mile run - with a 9:51 pace and now I am going to be biking 35ish miles. Yesterday I biked 38 miles. I have the MS 150 bike ride next weekend - so this is the last longish rides that I will be able to get in. ;-)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Eeep! Sorry about those blisters! At one point last summer I had eight but was somehow still able to motivate myself to run.

I'm planning to do a yoga workout on my deck this evening. I'll run tomorrow.

Cynthia O'H said...

Blisters can be a nuisance. I see them, though, as a symbol of power and accomplishment. It makes it easier to deal with them.

I just got in from a 13.5 mile run; it felt great:) I may have a blister too;)

ajh said...

I ran 8 with my friend T this morning. Beautiful day and temp!

Molly said...

OUCH! But you've already got one August run under your belt!

I'm resting today with an icepack, after an 18 miler yesterday.

enjoy your Sunday!

WannabeRunner said...

What dreadful looking blisters! Hope they heal up well :)

Jill said...

Owie!! Those blisters look horrible. Hope they're better now. I rarely get blisters - could count the times on one had I've gotten them in my million years of running - but I got these new shoes and my little toe doesn't really care for them sometimes. Err. Have a great August, girl!!

J said...

You sure were running in circles!! Ouch - Those blisters do not look good!

Maxi Fortend said...

As they say here in WI - OOOOOFFFTAAAA on the blisters - Ouch! Did my first cross training, cause the long run got moved til tomorrow due to my boy having a friend over. Great run for you! I learned my lesson on the blisters deal, I bring bandaids now and just stop for a second as soon as I feel the tingle. Not sayin' you should - ;) Gotta take care of those precious feet!!

The Happy Runner said...

Yikes! Don't like the looks of those blisters.

Great run, though!

onelittletrigirl said...

Wow that blister on the right looks downright horribe- I hope you get it checked out and it heals well.

I am working on no music running too! :)

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

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Black Knight said...

A very good program for this august, I am sure that you will run a perfect half. I started this month with a swim among the sea-waves.

Katie H said...

Um, ow. Seriously. I cringed just looking at your poor blisters. Awesome job on the mileage in July. We should definitely get together for a run at some point!

Bethany + Ryan said...

those are some serious blisters! i love to pop those kind! lol Welcome AUgust!

Badgergirl said...

Ouch! Those blisters look painful! Nice job on the run!