Sunday, August 29, 2010

12 miles of Blah

I was not feeling it this morning.  Everything for my run was set to go great!  I joined the running group (one of them I belong to) for my first group run with them.  There were ~15 other people running about the same pace as me, which I did expect to ever happen.  The route was amazingly beautiful (for the most part).  Here are the views from the path when I arrived:

Then the running started.  I was not feeling it at all.  My feet hurt.  My thighs chaffed (for the 1st time ever when running).  There were mole hills (hello walking).  It got warm faster than I thought it would.  My head hurt.  Oh the stinging in my eyes from sweat.  The doubting thoughts started in (can I really come anywhere close to my goal?  i should just walk the half.  i can't do this today or any other day).  It was rough.  I put on a partial happy-facade and let people know I was ok.  After all, doubts and chaffing happen - I just didn't need them plaguing me today.

We went five miles this way, turned around and came back:
Then I ran one mile this way, turned around and came back:

When all is said and done, I know I can run the distance I am training for (13.1).  I know I can try my best to meet my time goals.  I know I will persevere.  I know today is only one run of many and I'm working on accepting that bad runs happen.  I just have not ever had a 12 miler that was so tough on me before.

Training plan:  12 miles at 10:15/mi
Today:  12.00 miles at 10:20/mi (2:04:08 time)
Calories:  Enough so I can eat lots at my appetizer get together this afternoon
Stops:  This was new to me...the group stopped for water at mile 3, 6, 10.  I'm not used to all out stopping, but it was nice to have gallons of water stashed along the route.
Hills requiring me to walk:  3 (I can't ever move anywhere hilly because I'll have to retreat to all treadmill running)
Miles with Maddie:  1.6 miles yesterday
Temperature: at start ???, at finish 72F (63 relative humidity)
Splits:  all over the place (low 9:50/mi, high 11:06/mi)
Walking away with:  a sense of what a bad run is like when I'm heathy and the knowledge that even when I have a bad run I can still manage to finish my miles


mommaof3ontherun said...

Bad runs do happen! You did awesome though!

P said...

Bad runs are such a bummer. You can be really proud of pushing through and finishing what you set out to do! Good job!

Java Joggers said...

At least you got out there (and finished!). That's what I always tell myself after a "bad" run. (Doesn't always make me feel better, but oh, well.) So funny about not moving where there are hills. I used to avoid them like the plague, but some of my running partners love them. I hate to admit it, but hill training really does help improve running... just sayin'

Karen R said...

I absolutely love your quote at the end of your blog today - "the knowledge that even when I have a bad run,I can still manage to finish my miles".

That is a very important concept that I am writing down in my daily planner. It is what these training runs are all about!

Have a great week :)

ajh said...

Good job finishing. Have a better run next time.

Molly said...

I had a lousy one today too. I firmly believe though, that for every bad run, you get at least five good ones. Nice job.

Julie said...

Hi Suzy,
My 15 miler today sucked rocks! I was moving so slow and I felt like I had no energy! Good job getting it done...the next one will be better:)

J said...

We all have those runs! Great job still getting out there with the running group!! Looks like a great little trail to run on!

Ewa said...

Getting over mental hurdles is a part of a good training program. Unfortunately we cannot plan when our minds will refuse to cooperate.
Good job on running despite the odds.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Yeah, bad runs suck. For me, stopping seems to make it worse. Its just so hard to get going again. I'm glad you were able to push through it. I think it makes you a stronger runner. Your head needs to know that you won't die if you push harder.

Love the pictures. I know that route well and its a great place to run.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I'm sorry you had a bad run, but we ALL have them. I think we have bad runs so we can appreciate our good runs! :) Good job for sticking through it and getting the miles done though!

mindysmarathon said...

You finished, and that is awesome! If you can stick it out on a hard run, just think how nice it will be on a good run. Great job!!

JenLo said...

How bad can a bad run really be if you just dug in & finished it! Good for you for just sticking it out.

Darlene said...

I bet your next one is great! Finishing=winning!

Jill said...

OMgosh, those pictures of your territory are just gorgeous!!!

Well, you know that we all have crappy runs...I always think they're there to make sure we don't take the good ones for granted. You'll get it next time :). Hang in there!!

Katie H said...

Wow, beautiful photos! I'm sorry it was a bad run- your stats were still phenomenal and you came away with knowledge! :) Gotta love that!

Alan Dent said...

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog.
Great job in completing your run - bad runs suck - but at least you goy it in.
Here`s to your next run - have a good one!

scarlet said...

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