Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sort-of Long Run

Welcome to the new followers!  You honor me with your presence.

Today's run was to finish my first week of training for my 10/10/10 half marathon.  In a nutshell:  I ran.  I sweated.  I wanted to quit.  I am thankful someone was there to run with me.  I didn't finish my whole run, but I did what I could.

Let's recap:  I LOVE WINTER!  I AM NOT A SUMMER RUNNER!  If I ever move south I'll have to cease all forms of exercise because I'll be too exhausted, sweaty, and dehydrated to do anything at all.

Yesterday a Ragnar Relay teammate caught wind that I was up for 8 miles this morning and offered to meet me somewhere.  We chatted and decided on the where (The Crossings) and the when (7 am).  I arrived early and it was 70F and about 75-80% humidity.  Unfortunately, I've been having some GI issues and the bathrooms weren't open yet so I got back in my car and headed to Starbucks.  Sweet relief!  When I got back to The Crossings Melissa was there and we chatted for a few minutes.

We did almost two loops.  Loop one was warm but I was feeling okay (other than the side stitch that left me walking at mile 2).  We took a break for water, stretching and the like after one loop, ~3.2 mile.  We took off again and my legs felt like weights that were hard to move which equated to more walking and a slower pace.  It was getting warmer, the sun was getting higher, and Melissa was feeling better the second half. I didn't finish the second loop, my stomach wasn't going to allow it.  I gave up at 5.47 miles...though after a bit more walking did finish the run to make it 6.13 miles in 1:06 (for 10:50/mi ave).  The sad part is that I had 8 miles at 10:05 planned for today and neither the pace nor the distance happened.  Oh well.  I just hope I feel better for my next run.

Happy to be done!
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ajh said...

I"m with you. Cold weather is soooo much better than this hot stuff.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Heat and humidity have so much effect on our running. I am still amazed when I see someone out in mid afternoon heat - 88 and high humidity . . . I think - "was I ever capable of that" or has the humidity always had a strangle hold on my running?????

Don't ever get down for ONLY doing 5:47 miles . . . there are many, many people that can't do that. The fact is that TODAY - was not the day for you to do 8 miles. There will be cooler and less humid days.

Celebrate the 5 +++ miles . . . Way to go!!!

mommaof3ontherun said...

We all have to adjust our plans! Be proud of what you have done!

JenLo said...

I had a couple of runs like that when I was doing my half marathon training--right about when the weather was getting warmer. I shared the lovely bathroom issues too, and had to plan all my runs to start/end at an acceptable bathroom location. Hated that!

Manderz said...

I love the summber but I hate running in it. As you know i've been having a hard time with my long runs in the heat too!! said...

Suzy - work at it slow and realize most trainers (I have been doing a lot of research lately since committing to running a marathon in Oct) figure 30 seconds slower if the temps are in the 70's. Add in NY humidity lately and your time is way better than it should have been.

onelittletrigirl said...

I love summer...and I love how it is light out for so long...but the heat is killin me here in NJ...Mother Nature needs to turn up the AC just a little!

Tricia said...

I blew the pace on my 8miler last night too. But darn that humidity. I was just proud to finish.

Great pic!

J said...

I would be happy with 50 degree mornings for the whole year and then warmer afternoons!! I think the humidity has been getting to me too cause I just feel like I can't get any speed and I feel tired and my muscles are sore!

The Happy Runner said...

I only managed just less than 3 miles yesterday b/c this heat/humidity is killer! Just think that these tough conditions are making you work harder and you'll be better off on race day when the weather is more suited to running.

bsmommy said...

Are you doing the Marine Corps again? I'm in training for that one too.