Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Favorite Season is Coming

I think of my team every day I drink tea
I got one of my favorite "letters" in the mail yesterday:  shareholders* meeting announcement and voting proxy.  I know most people do not get excited about such things, but this particular meeting is held in Lambeau Field!  Getting this letter means football season is quickly approaching!

Here is one of my favorite parts of the letter:
Of more than 100 million pro football fans in the country, you are among the very select few that can call yourself an owner.
Yes, I'm a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers.  Unfortunately, I cannot attend the shareholders meeting.  Perhaps another year.

Juneathon:  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and cooled off for another .4 mile at a nice walking pace.  I stretched, did some pushups (I really suck at them, but I keep trying) and rolled my left leg out.  My left leg is tight...calf, quad, ITB...and has been for about a week.  I just keep stretching it, rolling it, and doing my PT exercises.  At least it doesn't hurt!  (Update:  I've been added to the Juneathon list!!!)

*There is no reason to hit me up for money because my share cannot be sold and is worth a grand total of 35 cents if the team wants to buy it back.


Lynette said...

My dad gets pretty excited about that letter as well =) Have you ever run the Green Bay marathon (or half or 5k)? I did last year, and it was great to run on Lambeau Field.

ajh said...

That is very cool about being an owner of a football team!

Badgergirl said...

Very cool with the shareholders letter. :)

And like you, I can't WAIT for the Packers' season to start! And I'm totally toying with doing the 5K they're doing the first day of training camp. Too hard to pass up another run through Lambeau Field :)

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Football season also means cooler weather. Bring it on!!

hlodonnell said...

I'm a shareholder too. Why haven't I gotten my letter? Hmmmm.....

There is a new 5K being run at Lambeau this year on July 31st to kick off training camp weekend. I'm already signed up!!

Libby said...

So, I've basically dropped off the face of blogland. I'm still injured and just super busy with school. I haven't even been commenting on anything and barely reading other blogs. Right now I'm procrastinating doing school work and I just HAD to comment! This post is incredible :) Best one I've read in a long time lol