Saturday, June 26, 2010

Juneathon Continues

Saturday, marvelous and lazy Saturday - oh how I have missed you!  There is no soccer or baseball today requiring me to cart kids and gear all over town.  I worked this morning and then went to the grocery store.  Now I sit here on the couch willing myself to get up so I can finish making cookies.  I know I'll eventually make it off the couch and when I do I'll go for a walk.  Until then I plan on enjoying the lack of scheduling.

Thanks for all your suggestions about training plans.  I looked at all the plans you mentioned and settled on the FIRST plan.  I had to shorten it (105 days and counting until my next half).  I plan on following it as closely as possible until student teaching starts in September and then all I'm certain of is that I'll get the long runs in.  I don't know if I'll just try to run a couple times during the week or if I'll be able to follow the plan.  Either way, I will be fine with how it turns out (if I keep reminding my Type A personality of this it will be true, right?)!   No predictions on time - at least not until the race gets closer.

Juneathon continues for a few more days.  My plan to finish out my month:
Sunday:  5 miles
Monday:  4 miles
Tuesday:  4 miles
Wednesday:  walk
Thursday:  JULY!

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Cynthia O'H said...

I have 2 more weeks of Saturday soccer. I can't wait to have the extra time free too. I'm so jealous of the day you had!

Glad you have a plan in place. I'm still working on mine.