Monday, May 31, 2010

Phoebe and Maddie

Every morning I wake up to the call of the phoebe.  I have never seen one where I live, but I hear them daily.
Sunday morning dawned and I was out the door about 5:30 a.m. for a run.  Time goal:  35-40 mins (more on this in a minute).  Running goal:  Look at all the gardens in the neighborhood for ideas.

I took off at a nice relaxing pace and stayed at a relaxed pace based on my breathing.  I listened to the birds and other animals and realized once I got a few blocks from my house I didn't hear the phoebes any longer.  I stayed in my subdivision and did my best to look at as many front yard gardens as I could.  I turned down streets that I hadn't been down in a year or two and came away with some ideas of what I want and don't want for my gardens.

I finally got back closer to my house and had to look at my watch to see my time and distance.  (This is where the 35-40 minute range comes in.)  My thought was that if the run was going well I'd keep going for a few more minutes so I could finish four miles.  OR, if I was closer to the three mile mark I'd just head home.  I looked at my watch and it said 34:xx mins and 3.55 miles.  Needless to say I kept going and finished my run with 4.2 miles.

The interesting part about my run (at least to me):  the last 3.2 miles took the same amount of time for me to run than my 5K last weekend.  The big difference, I liked Sunday morning's run.

This morning was another beautiful one so I went out on another run.  This one was different because it was Maddie's second run.
Suzy, Punky, Bugs, ADP and Maddie
While Maddie's first run went well, it was nice to run all 1.5 miles without the pit-stops.  We started with ADP and the kids and quickly went different ways because I can't keep up with ADP.  Maddie enjoyed running and did better this time staying close.  She did try to chase one squirrel, but I knew she was going to because she quickly went from 'happily running along Maddie' to 'attack the squirrel Maddie.'  I stopped, braced myself for the chase and it was over before it really began.  I think the squirrel came to it's senses!

It's time for me to go enjoy the gardens that we planted yesterday.  Stay tuned, Juneathon starts tomorrow so I'll be back everyday in June with some kind of exercise report.

Week plans:
Monday:  Maddie run (done)
Tuesday:  5 miles
Wednesday:  3 miles
Thursday:  run rest day, so probably a walk and gardening
Friday:  4 miles
Saturday:  Freihofer's Run For Women 5K
Sunday:  who knows...I have nothing planned after Freihofer's


Christina said...

Running with a dog can be so challenging because of the SQUIRREL moments and off they dart and your arm gets yanked out of its socket.

J said...

I bet there are less people out and about at 5:30am on a Sunday compared to the rest of the week! Glad the runs went well!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Love love love your plan for the run, just to take in things around you..oh I love those quiet morning runs where I can just enjoy the world!

ajh said...

Have fun at Freihophers. I did that a couple times but not recently. I love all women races.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Sounds like you got some good runs in! I think it's awesome that your goal for your first run was to find ideas for your garden! :)

Karen R said...

I love that you incorporated nature and enjoyment of it in your run! Very cool :)

And the pix of you and the family in your shades - I love that too! Have a great week and good luck with the juneathon!