Monday, May 10, 2010

Every Few Months...

It happens to me every few months; I can only describe it as a funk.  I have no energy.  I'm tired.  My head hurts.  I don't even want to run.  (GASP!)  So, I've been taking it easy in all aspects of life.  I slept 11 hours a night a few times last week and I'm still tired.  I haven't posted because all I had to say last week was:  I'm tired.  I only ran three times last week and I'm still tired.  I really wish there was a sure-fire way to get out of this lull.  I'll get there, it'll just take time.  Until then, bear with me.

I pulled myself out of bed at 4:45 this morning and I stared at my treadmill for a few minutes before talking myself into getting on.  Thank goodness for Friday Night Lights (we don't have cable, so I've had to wait for this season).  I love football, even made-for-TV football with lots of drama.  I managed to get in 5.75 miles before calling it quits this morning.  I started at 6.0 mph and upped it 0.2 mph every mile and finished the last 1/2 mile at 7.0 before cooling off (I love walking at the end!!).

Other than running things are going well.  I had a great Mother's Day!!  My kids and ADP did well and let me sit on the couch reading a lot of the day.  I loved being curled up with a vampire novel.  Maddie is doing really well with the family.  She has settled into our routine and enjoys our daily walks.  I also found out about one of my fall student teaching placements for fall - a great suburban high school about 35 minutes away.  I know I have to student teach yet, but I'm ready to count down to my December 2010 graduation.  I didn't know I was this ready to be done with my master's degree!

This week (if I can find the energy):
Monday:  5 miles (DONE, 5.75 mi)
Tuesday:  7 x 400s
Wednesday:  rest
Thursday:  5 miles
Friday:  4 miles
Saturday:  rest
Sunday:  7 miles


suburban prep said...

Totally understand where you are coming from.
I get in those moods as well. I wouldn't even all them moods. I would call them events.
I have been stressed out of late as well and I do have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia but there are days when I am just plain tired.
I hope that things get better for you.

Bethany + Ryan said...

eek! i hope you find some energy soon! sounds like you need to rest though! don't overdo it! you've got a lot on your plate! good luck!!

The Happy Runner said...

Sorry about the funk! I get them, too, and would guess that most people do. Might be that your body just knows you need a little break.

I LOOOOOOOVE Friday Night Lights! I'm so glad it is back -- I missed it!

Ewa said...

I have those moods every month. Since this is not the source of your problem maybe your body is telling you to take a small break.
Hope you will regain your energy soon.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I don't know why funks come and go, but I really don't think them either. I think it's awesome that you got on that treadmill and cranked out 5.75 miles! Keep it up and you'll be out of your funk in no time!

ajh said...

FNL is the best show on tv! I haven't seen any of this season but will prob. catch it on DVD.

Velma said...

Looks like you got a fair bit of running in even with the funk. Rest always helps!

Teamarcia said...

Ya know I wouldn't sweat the fatigue. Your body is telling you it needs rest and you're listening. we can't always be training. Of course I say that but do i do it? Glad you had a nice MDay and your teaching placement sounds great!

Badgergirl said...

Ugh, funks. They always seem to come at the most inappropriate time too.

And I like Friday Night Lights! I haven't gotten a chance to watch it lately, but is he coaching at a different school? The school colors/uniforms on the commercials look different.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I am having a low energy week, so I can relate a little. I had to force myself onto the treadmill last night. I have a feeling it will be the same thing tonight. You'll get through it. Until then, give yourself a break!

Have a great week!!