Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Brain Exchange, v. 2

Topic: Favorite Races!  Visit One Little Tri Girl's site to participate.
Question: Name your top 3 favorite events to date.  When were they and why are they your favorite?
This is challenging for me because I've run so few races.  I've run a total of 11 races and seven of them have been since starting this blog less than a year ago.  The four races before starting this blog include race #3 and Freihofer's Run For Women (three times).  
1.  Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon (10/11/2009).  My first ever half, what more needs to be said?
2.  3-Person Marathon Relay (2/21/2010).  Running a relay was great fun (except for the part where I didn't feel well).  Yes, it was cold and windy but I was with some great people and the atmosphere was amazing!  
3.  SCAVMA Scamper 5K (April 2002).  This race was horrible for me and yet it makes it in my top three.  I was just getting back into running and I wasn't prepared for the hills with this 5K.  It was so much fun though because almost everyone ran with their dogs.  The best part is that ADP and I both ran and that day I found out how slow I really am and how fast he really is (his 10K time was only a few minutes slower than my 5K time).


onelittletrigirl said...

I think the hardest races are the best in retrospect. I think it is why Baltimore makes my list!

ajh said...

We will run into each other at a race at some point. i have done the Mohawk Hudson half and full marathon. I really loved the full marathon. When I did the half I was injured and probably shouldn't have been running it and there were NO portalets and I really needed to use one. Before I signed up for the full I made sure they had changed that! So much of the full marathon was just beautiful and it could not have been a nicer fall day. Plus my best marathon time ever. Hmmm will this be one of my top three? I have the opposite problem of you. I have raced so many races I have many favorites. I am going to do this later!

Molly said...

I would love to do a relay at some point, it really sounds like such a good time.

gmontalvo13 said...

i've only ran a few as well, so this is easy for me :)

3. rock n roll san diego: all rock n roll marathons are great, but i just love california!

2. nike womens marathon, san francisco: first (and only) marathon

1. walt disney princess marathon: princesses and characters all along the route! i'm still a kid at heart :)

LMC said...

I love this question! My top three by far are:
1) Chicago, 2005 - My first marathon and I love Chicago
2) Outer Banks, 2006 - It poured from mile 7 to about mile 12, but I felt great the whole time!
3) City of Oaks Half, 2009 - Again, it poured and it was windy and cold, but I felt great and got a PR out of this one.
(I think I should plan for rain at all my races.) Thanks for this post and have a great week!

Anne said...

I am a race no top three. Just stopping by to say cheers! :)

Katie said...

I'm a new follower, but wanted to add that my 3 favorite races are:

1: Army 10-Miler, Washington DC---nothing like a man in uniform at every aid station! ;-)

2: Chili Pepper 10K, Fayetteville, AR.---get to chase a human chili pepper for 6.2 miles!

3: Bentonville Half Marathon, Bentonville, AR.---they held their inaugural race last month, and it was one of the best organized races I've ever run.

Have to give a shout out to the Hogeye Marathon and half marathon in Fayetteville, AR.---where else can you get a finisher's medal with a Razorback on it?

Looking forward to keeping up with you!