Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brain Exchange, v. 5

Every week we get a new question on Jill's Monday Brain Exchange.  Visit her site (here) if you want more information or want to participate.

Topic:  Your blog

Questions:  Do your family and friends know about your blog?  If so, what do they think of it?  If not, why haven’t you told them?

Oh yes, they know all about my blog.  I let my family know after the blog had been going for a while and from what I can tell they still visit to see what’s going on in my little world of running.  I put a link to the blog up on my facebook page after a while which means friends know about it too.

I don’t know what my IRL friends think about my blog.  Family is supportive, as they are with most things I do. 

The hard part was finding a balance of running/family on the blog.  It is a running blog, but I’m not defined by running and I love so many other things.  I don’t like my kids being out there on the net for everyone to see, but I’m not me without them.  ADP’s a big part of my life too, but he is old enough to decide whether he wants pictures up on the blog or not.  I just assume I can put pictures of him up…after almost 10 years of marriage I’m going out on a limb to say it’s ok for me to do.  

Update:  Shelly left a comment and I felt like I should add a tidbit of info.  My family (ADP, Bugs, and Punky) live here.  The closest relatives (distance wise) lives about a three hour drive from us:  one cousin of ADP's and one cousin of mine.  Other than those two, the closest family live a short 1,200 miles away and the farthest are all the way on the other coast.  So, while I'd love to talk their ear off and tell them about my running, when we talk on the phone we catch up with each other, nieces, nephews, and other happenings.


shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Great question this week. Your points about pictures does give me pause. I do post pictures of the kids. Like you said, I am not me without them. Mostly the photos are me and the general scenery of where I run. Maybe I should think about the family photo sharing?!

My (created)family knows of my blog and reads from time to time. My (birth) family doesn't read with the expection of my biking sherpa. I think they'd rather get the info face-to-face.

Judi said...

Interesting thoughts on blogging. I decided to have my blog be a little more than just "running" because I certainly do more than that! But I wanted something that would help me stay motivated and also help my family stay fit. It is a lot of fun but finding the time can be a challenge!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Judi :)

ajh said...

I always like to know the non running stuff about bloggers too. It helps me keep everyone separate!

Julie said...

Hi Suzy,
It is so interesting to find out what other bloggers have to say about family and friends. I do not have a face book or my space so my blog is it. My blog is a running blog...but it has more than just running featured...there are so many parts of Julie:)

Black Knight said...

Interesting topic. I think that my blog has not to be only a running blog. I like to share with the friends part of my life too: family, travels, music and other things that could be of interest.

Katie said...

My husband, parents and a few of my closest friends know about my blog. I'm not anonymous or anything but I would feel weird/exposed if all of my facebook friends/co-workers/acquaintances knew about the blog. Which sounds ridiculous since many/most of the people I communicate with in the blogworld I've never met IRL.

I think your blog content is great! I like seeing the balance of the running and personal side- it's real and relatable!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Funny - I was just talking about this same topic last weekend.

My immediate family knows about my blog. I have posted links on facebook a couple of times - but actually don't think any of my facebook friends realized what it was - or clicked on the link. I have mentioned my blog in passing a couple of times at work - but don't think?? anyone has checked it out. I really blog for myself.

My son's (21 and 18) think the whole idea of Mom blogging is a little "weird". Oh well.

Since my son's are older - I don't worry about posting pictures of them .