Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fanfare, 4.30

Welcome to all the followers.  It is great to have you here.  Time to celebrate because it's Friday!!!  Not only is it Friday, but April ends today as well.  Time is flying by.  

Yesterday I mentioned I hoped I would have some good news.  Well, it all worked out and yesterday we adopted a Maddie, a retriever/lab mix who is three years old.

Good luck to all the runners and racers this weekend!  I can't wait to read all the race reports next week.

Emily is running the Crystal City Friday 5K
Molly is running the Mountain Goat 10 Miler
Denise is pacing the 4:15 group (if her leg is OK) for the NJ Marathon
Julie is running the Lake Minnetonka Half
Mel is running the Eugene, OR Marathon is BQ on her mind
Nikki is running the Mountain Goat Run
Darlene is running the Literacy 5K Run
AJH is running the Champlain Classic 15K

Good luck and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday - Excitement Edition

I unplugged for seven days last week and I really missed reading everyones updates, happenings, and race reports.  Even through I missed being online, a good part about unplugging is that I stopped comparing my running to everyone else's running.  I realized I have been trying to keep up with others.  Number one rule in my running book:  run your own race (whether it be a run or a race).  Well, I found my own run again and I've loved all my runs last week and this week.  Yup, I even liked running hills this week and not just when they were done!  I think I need a poster by my running things reminding me to go at my own pace.  I can tell you this without any doubt:  I am excited to run tomorrow!

I am excited to share that this morning I hit one of my goals:  a 100 mile month!  This makes three of four months I've run 100 miles (can we just ignore February?).  Next up is the 400 mile mark...only 16.8 miles to go!

The rest of today is going to be splendid.   I get to visit kindergarten because they are studying my favorite artist (Monet) and I'm helping Bugs with sharing.  I hope to have exciting hews later this afternoon.  And, tonight is Diva Night at the local Fleet Feet.  It's an exciting day.

No Thursday is complete without a little random information having to do with one of my hobbies*.

Heinrich Steinweg
Heinrich Englehardt Steinweg was born on February 15, 1797, the youngest of 12 children.  B the time he was 15, Steinweg had lost all of his brothers and his father to the Napoleonic Wars.  His mother died of exposure while hiding from soldiers, and Steinweg was left alone.  He, too, was drafted into the army in 1815.  He survived his military service, and despite a complete lack of musical training began a career as an instrument maker.  His first creation was a zither.  In 1818, he found a job at an organ builder's shop.  Legend has it that he build his first piano in his kitchen and presented it to his bride, Juliane Thiemer, as a wedding gift.  They later had seven children.  In 1849, as the political climate in Germany became unstable again, one of their sons, Theodore, emigrated to America.  A year later his father followed.  On March 5, 1853, Steinweg opened a piano factory that he christened with an Americanized version of the family name:  Henry Steinway and Sons.

*I don't have a Steinway, but I do play the piano and have my whole life.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brain Exchange, v. 5

Every week we get a new question on Jill's Monday Brain Exchange.  Visit her site (here) if you want more information or want to participate.

Topic:  Your blog

Questions:  Do your family and friends know about your blog?  If so, what do they think of it?  If not, why haven’t you told them?

Oh yes, they know all about my blog.  I let my family know after the blog had been going for a while and from what I can tell they still visit to see what’s going on in my little world of running.  I put a link to the blog up on my facebook page after a while which means friends know about it too.

I don’t know what my IRL friends think about my blog.  Family is supportive, as they are with most things I do. 

The hard part was finding a balance of running/family on the blog.  It is a running blog, but I’m not defined by running and I love so many other things.  I don’t like my kids being out there on the net for everyone to see, but I’m not me without them.  ADP’s a big part of my life too, but he is old enough to decide whether he wants pictures up on the blog or not.  I just assume I can put pictures of him up…after almost 10 years of marriage I’m going out on a limb to say it’s ok for me to do.  

Update:  Shelly left a comment and I felt like I should add a tidbit of info.  My family (ADP, Bugs, and Punky) live here.  The closest relatives (distance wise) lives about a three hour drive from us:  one cousin of ADP's and one cousin of mine.  Other than those two, the closest family live a short 1,200 miles away and the farthest are all the way on the other coast.  So, while I'd love to talk their ear off and tell them about my running, when we talk on the phone we catch up with each other, nieces, nephews, and other happenings.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Plugging Back In

Unplug week is finished!  Now it is time to catch up on-line.  My Google Reader is overfilled.  My e-mail accounts are full of e-mails, some important, some not.  Here are the highlights from the last week.


  • Monday double:  treadmill 5k at 5am and 4 easy miles at 1:30pm.  Lesson learned:  I shouldn't try to run fast for short periods of time (or long periods of time for that matter) because I don't like the way it feels and I'm not good at it.  Slow and steady is more my style.
  • Tuesday speed:  5 x 800s.  Not a great idea to do these today because my ITB was tight by the end of the 800s.
  • Wednesday calm:  rest, much needed rest!
  • Thursday slow:  5 relaxing miles.
  • Friday rest:  sleep won out over the 4 miles I had planned.
  • Saturday for family:  no running.  I did spend 90 minutes corralling (a.k.a. coaching) a group of 4 and 5 year olds who were playing soccer.
  • Sunday misc:  7.1 mile run in the beautiful outdoors at 6am!  It was a perfect 51F and cloudy when I set off.  I was planning on 8 miles, but my ITB got really tight about mile 6 so I headed straight home.  Then, I volunteered at a summer expo for the running club I'm part of.  


Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Update, Then Going Silent

Hi world of bloggers!!  I've been busy with everything, or so it seems.  This week I finished painting my bedroom.  It has been a long time coming because the wallpaper we had to take down also took down a fair amount of wallboard.  Once the paper was down I needed to fix the wall which included lots of hole filler, sanding, washing and repeating.  When the walls were finally ready to be painted I was out of energy to continue and it was winter (so the house was closed up tight).  Needless to say, the bedroom took over a year and it is finally painted!  I'm excited to be (almost) done.  Tomorrow paintings and all framed things go back up on the walls...when I figure out where I put them all.

On an exercise front I've done fine.  Tuesday I did hill work on the treadmill.  I never did get out to find a long hill, so I just stayed home and upped the grade on the treadmill.  Wednesday I relaxed (you know...other than going up and down the ladder when painting).  Thursday I ran 6.5 miles on the treadmill with negative splits.  I love those runs!  Friday morning I had an easy 4 mile run.  I still have to ask myself when 4 miles got 'easy' because it still doesn't seem right.  
Friday night I did something I'd never done before:  went to spin class.  First thing first, when I got to the gym I had to ask when the last time I was there.  Note:  if you have to ask then it's been TOO long.  For what it's worth, I went on Friday which was 4/16 and the last time I'd been there was 12/17.  Second, find a bike.  I had called and reserved my spot in the class, but when I got there I found out arriving 15 minutes before class still put me in the front row of bikes.  Third, I'd been to an intro to spinning class so I was familiar with how to set up the bike, but I still asked the instructor who was kind enough to help me.  Finally, keep up.  It went well and I loved having someone else tell me when to go slow, fast, up, down, etc.  I was soaked when I was finished.  I'll definitely be going back.  I snapped this picture before leaving the gym parking lot.

Next week is turn off the TV and unplug week here.  I won't be posting or visiting blogs next week.  I'll be quickly checking my e-mail in the mornings before the kids get up (I can't completely unplug for 7 days), so if you need to get ahold of me drop me at note at runningonmytimemail at gmail dot com.  
I hope that you have a great week!  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fanfare, 4.16

Welcome to all the new followers!!!  It is really exciting to have you here.  

Where is the time going?  April is half done and racing season is definitely underway.  There is a lot going on this weekend (can anyone say Boston?).  Good luck to all the runners and racers!

Don't forget to e-mail me or leave a comment if you want to be part of the Friday Fanfare.  There are also lots of giveaways going on right now, so check out the sidebar to see some of the great giveaways.

Have a great weekend.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brain Exchange, v. 3

Every week we get a new question on Jill's Monday Brain Exchange.  Visit her site (here) if you want more information or want to participate.

Topic: Training
Question: How do you train?  Do you use a schedule, have a coach or go with the flow?  Do you train alone or with group?
I'm a go-it-alone kind of gal.  I did spend a lot of time looking for a group the last time I started running but no group went as slow as I ran, so I ran alone.  I've just kept running alone ever since even though I've sped up since those days.
I use a schedule, usually from Cool Running, and work it to fit my life.  I'm not glued to the schedule because as we all know - life happens.  All my running is on the treadmill except for my weekend run and an occasional weekday run.  I've never had a coach or a group.  I'm not to the point that I want or need a coach, but a group would be good if I ever want to run more, a.k.a. farther or faster or both.  I've really liked running with  people through the Happy Runner's new runner's group, so I may have to look for people to run with in the future.
Shameless plug:  If you haven't made it over to Shut Up and Run to vote for ADP, head over there and vote for the guy in orange.  I know my hubby would greatly appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Vote For ADP, Please

Head on over to Shut Up and Run! and vote for ADP (link's here).  From Shut Up and Run!:

2. Suzy writes about her husband, guy in the orange, “ He will only buy two kinds of running gear: shoes and sunglasses. All other clothing is selected randomly from his closet. His base layer is whatever cotton, long sleeve shirt with too short sleeves he grabs out of his drawer. On top he puts on his reversible basketball tank that is black and orange that he bought back in the mid-nineties. He tops it all off with a bright orange hunting hat.”
While this isn’t a totally outrageous get up, it’s still kinda creepy. I like how it matches the jogger.

Help ADP out and vote for the guy in the orange.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I love...

I love a lot of things about running.  Here are a few of the things I love and use (almost) every time I run.

My trusty red Sigg!  I love it.  It's too heavy to run outdoors with, but it is always next to the treadmill when I run inside.

My asics!  I love them and they (almost) never give me blisters.  I have a few pair of these and yet I still run outside in the new balances I complained about yesterday.

My running journal.  I love writing down all the extras - how I feel, slept, anything major going on in my life, time of day, if anything hurt.  I only put a little time into my journal, but it can tell me a lot about my running even though all you'll find about my actual runs are total distance (possibly splits if I'm in the mood) and how long it took.

Call me crazy, but I love my treadmill.  I run first thing in the morning and since ADP is out of the house before 5 a.m. I'm on the treadmill during the week.  You can see my computer right in front of the treadmill.  All I can say is thank goodness for hulu and instant watch on netflix (two more loves)!

My green ball...I sit on it for exercises, writing in my journal, stretching, crunches (which I haven't done in 2 months), and putting my shoes on.  I just wish it would stay blown up better.

My post run cup of earl grey tea!  Yummy in my tummy.  It doesn't hurt that I drink it out of Green Bay Packers mug.

This week's plan:
Monday:  5 miles (only did 4.24 miles)
Tuesday:  4-5 long hills (I still need to find a long hill)
Wednesday:  rest
Thursday:  6 miles
Friday:  4 miles a.m. / spinning p.m.
Saturday/Sunday:  treadmill 5K one day/rest one day

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Group Run, a Vent & a Book

Today was another group run for The Happy Runner's new runners group.  The group was small today; it didn't matter - we had a great time.  I arrived early because I was planning on running six miles today.  I got caught up in the nice weather and went too fast.

  • Run 1 mile:  8:31
  • Walk .25 mile (side-ache): 3:22, ...13:22 equivalent
  • Run .5 mile:  4:19, ...8:31 equivalent
I usually don't run after lunch and had the side-ache to prove it.  I was planning on running three miles before everyone arrived and it most definitely did not happen.  Oh well.  Since my side was still hurting some and it wasn't time to get together with the group I walked around and took some pictures.

a lake we ran around

it was a little windy

one of the many paths at the park

me, attempting to take a picture without my sunglasses...should have left them on because my eyes were watering by the time I took the picture

Perfect timing, right as I was finishing with my picture taking the others arrived.  We were in two groups again today...the run-run group and the run-walk group.  Both groups were great!  Darlene and I ran 3.12 miles together.  Once again I had to stop to stretch my side (I turned my garmin off when I stopped and actually remembered to turn it back on this time!).  
  • Mile 1:  10:16
  • Mile 2:  10:02
  • Mile 3:  10:06
  • .12 mile:  53 seconds, ...7:25 equivalent
We had a quick group photo before we went our separate ways.
Jen, Felice, Me, Darlene

It was great to be done.  I finished with 4.88 miles today (9:44 ave pace) which isn't close to 6, but I'll take it.  

Now a vent.  When I spend money on shoes I want them to treat me well.  Running shoes are expensive (even when they are on sale).  I have 200+ miles on the New Balance shoes I wore today and I am STILL getting blisters.  I will not be buying them again.  So, what should I do with an expensive pair of shoes that give me blisters?  I have no idea.  Grrr.

Finally, one of the other loves of my life:  books.  I won a book from I'm a Sleeper Baker!!!  It couldn't be more perfect because I love reading.  Between reading, running and kids I'm surprised I get anything done (like blogging).  I can't wait to read it, but first I need to finish my book for book club tomorrow night (only 170 pages left, Gah!).  Also, if you are curious about what I've been reading, scroll way-way-way down and there at the bottom on the right are the books I've recently finished.  I've read 21 books so far this year.  The next one I start will be:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fanfare, 4.9

I feel honored and shocked all at the same time - so many followers!  Welcome, welcome, welcome.  It is truly great to have you here.  Please, let me know if you want to know something, are curious or just keep following and reading.

Racing season has picked up!  There is a lot going on this weekend.  A lot of people are racing and I hope even more are out there running, biking or swimming.

Good luck to these racers!  I can't wait to read your race reports next week.

Alisa is running a half-marathon
Julie is running Run the Valley 10K
Nicki is running the Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Race
Stephanie is running the Go! Saint Louis Marathon
Lorian is running the Big D Half
Aimee is running the Platte River Half
Keri is racing her first olympic length tri

Let me know if you want to be added to my Friday Fanfare calendar by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail. 
"Until you have tried running, you will never know how enjoyable it can be."
-Daniels' Running Formula, p. 161
Does anyone know why the spacing is so off?  How can I fix it?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three Things Thursday, 4.8

1.  I had a nice run on the treadmill this morning.  It is always good to start the day with a run.  I have two more runs planned this week, but I’m rethinking tomorrow’s run.  I may be better off sleeping because I’ll be out of here early on Saturday so I can go take state test #3 for my teaching certification. 

2.  I’ve spent some time on ladders the last couple days.  ADP and I spent last year taking the wallpaper down in the master bedroom.  Let me say this:  if you put wallpaper up, do not put it straight on the wallboard without priming!  In some places we took more wallboard than wallpaper down.  It is such a joy to deal with (NOT).  Now I’ve primed two walls with hopes of getting the first coat of paint up this weekend.

3.  Here’s a tidbit from The Name’s Familiar (see link on sidebar for more information on the book) in honor of the warmer weather.

King C. Gillette
King C. Gillette was a traveling cork salesman from Boston.  He was a friend of William Painter, who invented the bottle cap.  Sinter suggested that in order to thrive in business, Gillette should invent something that could be used a few times and then thrown away.  One morning while shaving, Gillette had his inspiration.  After trying 700 different blades and 51 razors, he finally found the right combination.  In 1903, he began selling Gillette disposable razors.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I know spring has sprung because of all the talk about basketball and baseball.  While everyone else, well - maybe not everyone, is talking about last night's NCAA Championship game and the beginning of baseball season I am spending my time perusing the Packers Pro Shop because the Draft Day 2010 line has come out!  This means only one thing:  we're one more month closer to football season.
isn't it awesome?

Other than my football season countdown coming close to draft day as a sure sign of spring, the weather has been giving us hints too.  It was absolutely beautiful this weekend and yet I didn't manage to get a run in.  I'm still trying to figure out when to go running on the weekends now that I'm working on Saturday mornings.  Do I get up really early and go?  Or, do I bump my so-called long runs to Sunday?  I can't go Saturday afternoon (this weekend I could, but soon Saturdays will be filled with the kids' soccer and baseball games).
a little flower from my garden

Since I skipped my weekend run, I added a little on to my run Monday morning.  I really liked my run last week when I did 1 mi slow, 1 mi fast so I did it again and added on .25 even faster at the end.  I really liked it and can't wait to do it again next week!  The problem was that i didn't look closely at my schedule for the week because I had .25 mi repeats planned for this morning.  I did them, but my legs were tired and half filled with lead.  I made it through five repeats and then called it quits without a good cool-down.  

The rest of week:

Monday:  6 miles (done - 6.69 mi)
Tuesday:  5 x 400s (done - 3.0 mi)
Wednesday:  REST!!
Thursday:  6 miles
Friday:  7 miles … maybe a split day
Saturday:  REST!!
Sunday:  6 miles

Now for a question:  ADP is on the taller side and needs some running gear for next fall.  Any suggestions as to where to get a pair of running tights and a long sleeve shirt for my tall running guy?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Brain Exchange, v. 2

Topic: Favorite Races!  Visit One Little Tri Girl's site to participate.
Question: Name your top 3 favorite events to date.  When were they and why are they your favorite?
This is challenging for me because I've run so few races.  I've run a total of 11 races and seven of them have been since starting this blog less than a year ago.  The four races before starting this blog include race #3 and Freihofer's Run For Women (three times).  
1.  Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon (10/11/2009).  My first ever half, what more needs to be said?
2.  3-Person Marathon Relay (2/21/2010).  Running a relay was great fun (except for the part where I didn't feel well).  Yes, it was cold and windy but I was with some great people and the atmosphere was amazing!  
3.  SCAVMA Scamper 5K (April 2002).  This race was horrible for me and yet it makes it in my top three.  I was just getting back into running and I wasn't prepared for the hills with this 5K.  It was so much fun though because almost everyone ran with their dogs.  The best part is that ADP and I both ran and that day I found out how slow I really am and how fast he really is (his 10K time was only a few minutes slower than my 5K time).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fanfare, 4.2

WOW!  It is wonderful to see all the new followers.  Please, please leave a comment so I know who you are.

This weekend is a slow one for races.  Many people are celebrating Easter and will be spending time with family and friends instead of running.  To those of you who are racing, good luck!  I can’t wait to read your race reports.

The saying I try to live by is “Love the life you live.”  This weekend, remember to take time for yourself and acknowledge all the great things about your life.  We all get bogged down, but there is always something to love and Easter weekend is a perfect weekend to remind yourself of all the things you love in your live.

Good luck to all the runners and racers this weekend.
  • JenLo is running the Inaugural NYC World Vision Half (her first half!!)
  • Courtney is running the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon (she can’t wait to see the new Lincoln Library Museum)


My Friday Fanfare race calendar continues to fill up. Leave a comment if you want to be included and I’ll add you to my calendar. Also, don't forget to stop by the giveaways listed in the sidebar.

And a piece of good news:  the race director got back to me and strollers are allowed for the 5K walk and run!!  Off to add another race to my schedule.  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday, 4.1

  1. I think we finally found it - a 5K that will allow the whole family to participate!  I just wrote the race director because the site says "Families with Strollers Welcome."  ADP and I have been looking for a race that allows jogging strollers since having kids so we can both run the same race.  My fingers are crossed that this will work out for us.
  2. I ran 7.43 on the treadmill this morning.  Well...I ran 7.25 and walked the rest to run the time down on the treadmill.  The first few miles were fine, but I couldn't get into a rhythm.  The last few miles flew by and then it was done!  I love it when that happens.
  3. Tomorrow starts spring break around here.  And guess what?  It's supposed to be 78F!!  I don't know that I'll get outside for a run tomorrow, but I'm definitely going to take advantage of the nice weather and run outdoors (early in the morning because although 78F sounds great, I'd love for it never to break 75F because it is just too hot).
Don't forget to check out the giveaways on the top right of the blog.  There are a lot of great ones right now.  And, even though I really want to win some of these, I'm being the kind person I am and sharing them with you so you can enter as well.  ;)