Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jeff Galloway Running School?

The Jeff Galloway Running School is coming to a store near me.  According to his site, the school covered all kinds of topics so you can "Run Until You're 100--Injury Free."  

The site says some of the tools he gives are:

* How to improve time
* Individualized format--ask any question in any area
* How to avoid hitting the wall
* Specific training programs for specific goals
* Specific recommendations on water intake, eating
* Dealing with heat/cold/wind
* Absolving you of guilt for not stretching
* Strength for running
* Motivation techniques to get you out the door
* Mental toughness techniques to keep going
* Running drills for easier, more efficient, faster runs
* How to improve endurance without pain/ over-fatigue
* When to replace shoes
* It's good to drink coffee

I called the store and they are having the 5-hour session.  This session includes an individualized running form evaluation.  I could use this because I have no idea if my form is even half-way decent.

Have you ever gone to one of his schools?  Do you think it is worth the money (it isn't cheap)?  Opinions, ideas, thoughts?  

On another running related note, I did have 8 miles on the books for yesterday but since ADP is traveling and the kids are back to their normal schedule I split my run and did 4.5 in the morning (before the kids were awake) and 4.5 at night (after the kids went to sleep).  I ended up with 9.01 miles yesterday; only slightly more than my planned 8.  The rest of the week is shaping up too:

Monday:  8 miles (9.01 split between 2 runs)
Tuesday:  rest
Wednesday:  4 miles a.m., PT p.m.
Thursday:  6 miles a.m., yoga p.m.
Friday:  rest
Saturday/Sunday:  6 miles one day, rest the other


Katie said...

Nicely done on the run yesterday! Is the school at the local fleet feet? I would be interested in going for the form analysis alone!

J said...

I like splitting up the long runs like that! Great job! I have never tried the Jeff Galloway school so I dont really know.

Ewa said...

Walking breaks don't work for me on long runs. Once I stop/slow down to a walk it's very hard to start moving again.
Still, I hear really good things about the program from people who don't stiffen up as fast as I do.

Heidi said...

That sounds like a pretty cool program. I'd love to do something like that if it was available and I could afford it.

The Happy Runner said...

NICE job on the run!

JenLo said...

I've read about JG quite a bit--I also have a very tough time re-starting after taking walk breaks, though.

Kim said...

How much is the class? It sounds pretty informative and long enough as long as it's not too pricey. I'd pay $50 for a 5 hr class. The form analysis would be worth that you'd be able to talk to all the other runners at the class. That would be fun, too!

ajh said...

Are the walking breaks a big part of the day? Do you have to do them? I think that would influence my decision. Depending on the money I would be quite tempted to go.

Jenn said...

Couldn't hurt to try! You deserve a little splurge for yourself! If it's not worth it at least you'll know for sure. I would think you would take at least a few pointers away from it though!! Nice running this week!

Molly said...

I've never done a school before, but the other day at the library I took out an Encyclopedia of Running, to kind of go over the basics again. Nice job on splitting your runs!

Velma said...

Nice work. I love taking classes, so I would sign up if it is in the budget

Staci Dombroski said...

I think it sounds interesting!! I would try it to see if I could walk away with something new :-)

ShutUpandRun said...

Hey Suzy, While you weren't an original winner for my Yurbud (earbud) giveaway, I didn't hear back from a couple of people - SO - congrats you are now a winner!!! Just email me at and I'll tell ya what to do! Thanks for being a faithful follower!