Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Series Race #4 - Race Report

It is a beautiful day in upstate New York! It’s January 24 and this morning it was ~30F for the race. You really can’t ask for much more in the middle of the winter.

ADP and I headed to the race with kids in tow this morning. We both signed up to run the 3 mile race (other races were 15K and 30K). Once we signed in and we signed the kids in so they could do crafts while we ran (I don’t think they even knew we were gone because they had such a great time). I finally remembered to take some canned food along for the Winter Series Food Bank Effort; they are trying to collect 500 items in five races.

Things were a little different with ADP there. He warmed up before the race…and I tagged along for one lap around the track. Also, I know I’m not competitive when it comes to my running against others – I know I’ll be in the middle to end of the pack. Apparently, I’m competitive for ADP because I was giddy excited for him, telling him where he should start (front of the pack), and I had to keep reminding myself to tell him to have fun.

I also caught up with Amanda and finally got a picture of us. She ran the 15K today so we didn’t get to run together today.

I did learn something about my Garmin today – press “lap” after warming up otherwise I’ll have no idea what my splits for the race are. So the best I can do is my splits including a .27 mile warm-up.

Mile 1: 9:12
Mile 2: 8:44
Mile 3: 9:08
.32 mile: 2.28 (7:41 equiv)
Total: 3.32 mi, 29:34, 8:54 /mi ave

Race: 3.05 miles, 27:10 (8:54 ave)
I decided to push myself today since I never push my speed and it turned out well!

As for ADP, well the boy had fun. He finished the 3 miles in 18:23 for ninth place overall and first place in his age group. He received a box of Multigrain Cheerios for his efforts!


Manderz said...

WTG ADP!!! It was great meeting your family. You did awesome! I love that they had cereal as the prizes.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats to you and your husband! Fun race prize!

Julie said...

Hi Suzy,
It sounds like you had a great day and a fun run! Good job on your time and congrats to ADP for his great time and age group win:) Thanks for the race report! Have a good one Suzy!

ajh said...

I'm jealous of your winter race series. It sounds very fun and do I remember your saying it was free? You did a great job! Plus they have crafts set up for the kids. What a great set up!

The Happy Runner said...

I was thinking of you this morning. Such a perfect day!

You did great in the race! Way to go :-)

Lorian said...

Wow...great run! Congrats to your husband...that is fast! Sounds like you had a great day!!

J said...

That winter races series sound like fun! Glad the temperature turned out to be so nice! Congrats to ADP on his placing first! And congrats to your speedy run!

Staci Dombroski said...

Congratulations :-)

Katie said...

Wow, your family is super speedy! Nice work!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Cheerios?? Sooo funny!! Good work pushing yourself, that is fun to do.. I usually hit reset so I have a clear screen after I warm up.. I like to know my EXACT pace.. BAD!

Molly said...

how fun to do a race with your husband! I've been trying to get my hubs to run forever!

Badgergirl said...

Dang ADP's speedy! Hope he enjoys those Cheerios!

Glad to hear you guys had fun!

JenLo said...

My Garmin is a different model, but I can turn it on without pressing "start" and do a warm up, and it will still tell pace (just not time). I press start once I want to begin measuring my stats and it doesn't include my warmup. I do the same for a cooldown, if I am doing that (just press stop as soon as I'm done timing)