Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alarm Clock Woes

I am taking this semester off from graduate school. This means no class, no studying (except for those pesky state tests), no group work and most of all, no rushing to get it all done. Since I’m taking the semester off I decided I’m not setting my alarm at 4:36 in order to get my running done. Instead, my alarm clock is set for 5:01. I decided an extra 30 minutes of sleep would do me good.

The problem is I don’t have enough time to get all my miles in before the kids get up. Since my running during the week needs to be done before the kids get up (because of their schedule) I have a few options:
  • Get up earlier to get it done
  • Run faster, a.k.a. cover more miles in the allotted time
  • Make my weekend runs longer
  • Add a second run one or two days a week
  • Add another day of running
I have vowed to sleep more so getting up; while this is a great option, it isn’t in my best interest. Run faster, hmmm, I’m a slower runner so this is a possibility. I really don’t want to run longer on the weekends while it is still winter. My weekends usually include a 8, 9 or 10 mile run so there is definite possibility to increase mileage on the weekend once it gets warmer. I could add a second run in the evenings, after ADP gets home from work, after dinner, after getting the kids to bed, which is when I’m exhausted.  I already run four days a week (back from 5 when my ITB started bothering me) and am diligently trying to add a fifth day of exercise in the form of a class at the gym (usually yoga).  I don’t know which I’ll do. What would you do?

My pace has really gotten faster over the past year and I haven’t tried to make it faster, it just sort-of happened. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep going faster? I’ll never be a speed demon, but I can try to get faster.

Week plan (a little late):
Monday:  30 minutes (done!)
Tuesday:  off
Wednesday:  4 miles
Thursday:  off (have to get my teeth cleaned instead of yoga)
Friday:  30 minutes
Sat or Sun:  8 miles


Kim said...

It's a puzzler, isn't it? Although I loathe getting up at 4:20 to get my miles in, I can't find another way to do it (at least not regularly).

Do your kids have a regularly scheduled playdate when you could sneak in a run?

When I first started running, I just started running faster, but I'm no speed demon, and there are diminishing returns.

I do run faster when I run with people.

Could you just do a mile at night (yeah, when you are exhausted). One mile would be less than 15 mins incl warm up, so you could use it as a sprint or a slow trot depending on your mood.

I may try this myself!

JenLo said...

I would add another day. I admire you getting up at 5am! There is no way that I could physically run at that hour!

Badgergirl said...

I think I'd add another day. But that's just because it's impossible for me to get up that early in the morning.

ajh said...

I would only add another day if I stayed injury free. You already get up way early! Could one of your four days be the other weekend day when you could possibly go longer. Perhaps 5 on one day and up to 10 on the other??? Good luck but I'm with you. Get your sleep.

Teamarcia said...

I would not add another running day. Your schedule is packed as it is. I'd make one of your weekly runs an interval run. You will get faster with intervals.

robinbb said...

In the past I have gotten up earlier to get my runs in before the kids get up and also added days. I prefer the getting up earlier because you still get those extra rest days.

THANK YOU for the hammer products. I took them with me to Disney and they were great and I will be writing about them on my blog. I took a risk and tried the hammer gels during the marathon and they worked perfect, I will be buying more soon. And I used the water bottle all weekend. My favorite prize I have won on a blog so far!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I'd do some speedwork on one of the running days. It's hard, but fun!

Staci Dombroski said...

I am not a fast runner either. I have been incorporating speed work... so I am hoping that will help me in the long run :-)

Katie said...

I would like to get faster too! I think it's funny that you set your alarm for 5:01- my alarm clock ALWAYS has to be set on an odd number. One of my weird things I guess!