Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying Something New in 2011

One of the things I really want to do is try something new in 2011.  For a few months I thought 2011 was going to be the year of my first marathon, but it isn't going to be.  Then, I researched triathlons and as much as I want to do one it isn't going to be this year.  It was hard coming up with a list of races for 2011, but I finally did it and I am going to try something new...3 somethings to be exact.  Some of my previous races have fallen off the list.  They may make it back on but I need to be realistic: I just finished school, do not have a job, and (the kicker) my student loan payments start in January because I have already used my deferment.  ADP and I talked about it, the minute I get one of those full time job things (that are not available right now) the dropped races will probably be added back in.  But, enough on finances...

Without further delay, my 2011 races:

  • 1/1 Hangover Half, Winter Series #2  In 2 days I'll be undertaking another half marathon.  I did this race last year (it was the race that I couldn't get home from because I blew a tire in my car, RR here).  I'm ill prepared, but it is supposed to be a balmy 42F and I'm running it with Amanda so I know we'll have a great couple hours.  I'm going for 2:15 (my longest half ever, but I am starting the year out with a race!!).
  • 1/9 Winter Series #3  I volunteered at this race last year.  This year ADP and I will both run!  I'm planning on running the 3 mile version while ADP will tackle the 10K.
  • 1/23 Winter Series #4  ADP and I ran this race last year (RR here).  I have to decide between the 3 mile and 15K when the time comes.  If history says anything, I'll talk to Amanda and hopefully we can run another WS race together.
  • 2/6 Winter Series #5  The last of a series of 5 free races (free if you belong to the group that organizes the races).  I do not know what distances are involved in this one, but last year I did a 4 miler (RR here).  I have to go because it is free!
  • 2/20 3-Person Marathon Relay  The Pink Ladies are back!  Yes, Felice, Amanda and I are running the 3-Person Marathon Relay again this year.  I'm stoked and cannot wait.  We did it last year (RR here) and will have a blast again this year.  My goal this time:  no food poisoning prior to running!
  • 4/2 13.1 New York Half Marathon  Something new!  I've never traveled for a race nor has the family done a weekend in NYC, so we are combining the two and I'm running the 13.1 New York Half.  It looks like a flat course and the family should have the opportunity to see me a few times.  The cherry on top, Felice, Amanda and some of the group from last year's Freihofer's Run for Women will all be there running!  I'll practically be a party.
  • 6/4 Freihofer's Run for Women  I'm going back for another round of 4,000 women running a 5K on a looped course that has elite runners leading the way.  Last year was hot (RR here), other years it has been cold and raining.  What will 2011 bring?
  • October (date unknown) Squirrely Six  Another something new!  I'm going to run my first trail race.  I've never run trails, so I'll work on adding them in this summer.  It is a 6 mile course and if it goes well I'll up it to the half for 2012.  I'm getting ahead of myself though; one year at a time.
  • November (date unknown) Stockade-athon  Another something (sort-of) new!  I have never run this 15K.  Actually, I've never run a 15K at all, so new race and new distance.  Just last month I volunteered as a course marshal  (report here) and although there are some hills in this race, I plan on being ready and having a great time.
  • 11/20 HMRRC Turkey Raffle Hour Run  Another repeat here (RR here).  I can't wait to do it again.  Maybe I'll get more entries into the raffle in 2011.
  • 12/11 Winter Series Race #1  And another year of Winter Series Races begin!
It is going to be a marvelous year!  I am also going to go for 1,050 miles next year, which is more than this year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SofSole Review and Giveaway

Bound to stay warm

This morning I went out for a nice little 3-miler.  It was pretty cool and the wind was from the north, which made it feel cold.  I pulled my Yaktrax out for the first time ever because we had about 8” of snow yesterday and the roads are covered with a mix of ice, slush, puddles, and salt/sand.  I loved using them, especially on the molehills we have on my running route.  One thing I was really happy about was having a pair of Sof Sole inserts in my shoes!  The Yaktrax are great for traction, but I could tell exactly where the treads were because there was extra pressure on my feet at those points.  Speaking of the insoles…

I was very excited when Sof Sole offered to let me try some of their products!  We all know that our feet can take a beating when we are running as they take hit the ground over and over and over again.  I was pleased when a package arrived with Coolmax Trainer socks and Airr insoles. 

According to the Sof Sole website, “The Sof Sole® Airr® insole is the first insole to combine an air cushioning system with moisture control technology. The Airr features an encapsulated air chamber for maximum cushioning and Coolmax top cover to provide climate control for the surface of your foot. Simply put, the Sof Sole Airr is the best performance insole available.”  I put the insoles in my current shoes, Asics GT2130s, that had about 240 miles on them.  I’ve been running with the insoles all month and this I can say:  I don’t think I’ll ever run in shoes without something like the Airr insoles again!  Wow, what a difference they made.  The first couple runs I took I had to figure out how tight and loose to make my laces; the insoles are taller than the insoles that came with my shoes so my heels kept sliding up and down in my shoes.  Once I figured out how to tie my shoes it has been wonderful.  I think the insoles are heavier than the original Asics insoles, but it doesn’t bother me in the least.  I am looking forward to wearing them during my upcoming race on 1/1/11!  I think I’ll have happy feet at the end of the race.

Along with the insoles there was a 3-pack of socks for me to try and comment on.  The Coolmax Trainer Socks have been wonderful and they really do wick away moisture keeping my feet happy.  I have run with them on the treadmill and have worn them around the house, they keep my feet warm on these cold days we are having.  I have not worn them outside because they are short socks and my running pants only go down so far.  I fear windburn or just really cold skin on my ankles if I wear them when it is cold outside because my ankles won’t be covered.  They are comfortable and I really like the banded instep that provides a secure fit and the deep heel pocket.  The socks are not tight and yet they don’t move or slide around.  They do not bunch and I’ve never had a problem with them.  I would definitely buy them again, although I may try out some of their lighter Coolmax socks so I can wear them during the summer.

Questions that remain for me:
  • How long do the insoles last?
  • Will I get more life out of my shoes using insoles?
  • Will the socks ever come in colors other than white/blue?

The kind people at Sof Sole have offered to giveaway a package similar to what I received to one of my lucky readers.  There are many way to enter the giveaway, just remember to leave a separate comment for each entry otherwise you’ll only get one entry.

  • Become a fan of Sof Sole’s Facebook page (1 entry)
  • Follow Sof Sole on Twitter (1 entry)
  • Follow my blog (1 entry)
  • Spread the good news about this giveaway, tell a friend, blog about it, share it on Twitter or Facebook (1 entry each)

The winner will be picked on 1/4 and will need to be able to provide me their address and shoe size.
We all sit in the garage on a kids' bike to get ready, right?
Disclaimer:  I bought and purchased the Yaktrax with my own money.  Sof Sole provided the socks and insoles to me.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MileageGoal Met!

Thanks for all the well wishes on making it to 1,000 miles!  A couple more runs and I have now met my 2010 mileage goal:  1,010 miles!  Yippy Skippy!!

in my driveway waiting for my garmin to connect
This morning I was all alone in the house, exe pt Maddie, who never leaves without us.  Bugs had been home the last couple days with a fever, so today was the first day I was alone in a while.  Of course I had a run on the "schedule" for today.  I headed out in the nice 27F with a north breeze.  I went out and did a comfortable 2.4 miles and then stopped home to pick Maddie up.  She finished the last 1.2 miles with me.  Talk about a happy girl.  During my run I hit my goal.

I was running from this direction to my goal
Here I stand at the spot where garmin "chimed" the magical number (1.9 mi) needed to make my 2010 mileage 1,010

goal to keep on running

I did it!
I also learned that as much as the blue coat kept the wind from going through me, I cannot wear it when running very often.  When I got home and I took the coat off the inside was covered in moisture (a.k.a. sweat) and the outside was dry so it isn't a good running coat.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

4.26 miles to go

I passed the 1,000 mile mark today which means I only have 4.26 miles to go to reach my 1010 mile goal for 2010.  WOW!  This is the first time I've ever surpassed 1,000 in a year.  I did not take my camera with me today, but tomorrow I'll head out and take a picture at what I will forever call my 1,000 mile tree.  I'll post the picture, don't worry!

Today was my trial run.  My goal was to run 10-12 miles to see if I can pull off running the Hangover Half on 1/1/11.  I did it!  I made it 10 miles and was just too cold to keep going so I walked the last 1.65 miles home.  I was never far from my house so for a change I did not take my phone, but I was really wishing for my phone at the 10 mile marker because I would have called ADP to pick me up.  Instead, I booked it and walked the rest of the way home at (according to Garmin) a 12:22/mi pace.  Like I said, I was cold!

About being cold...  I was dressed just fine for the day and then the sun dipped behind the trees and I got cold.  Not only did I get cold, I had not run outdoors since before Thanksgiving so some muscles were working when they weren't used to so I just gave up at mile 10.  I am OK with the run.  I am surprised at how well it went considering I have not really had a long run outside in so long.

I leave you with this thought for tonight (even though I know we are underdogs):

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Healthy, Happy, and Busy

I am finally healthy!  I have no idea how it happened so fast, but it did.  Is it a coincidence that within a week of being done student teaching I can finally breath through my nose?  Doubtful, but I think the two are related.

I am finished with all my coursework and I have gone for a run every day since Saturday.  Talk about HAPPY!!  Tomorrow I am sleeping instead of running.  I am not sore or tight, but I don't want to risk injuring myself.  I am happy I can run again.  I am happy to be done with school.  I am happy that not only can I run again, I am running again.  Let's say it again...I'm happy!  It all fits in with the motto that I try to live by:  LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE!  I'm lovin' it.

I am very busy though.  I have no idea how I managed to do anything while I was student teaching.  I barely have time to sit down and relax (except for this morning when we had and all important girl's morning before I took Punky to afternoon kindergarten).  I'm so busy I have not even touched this thing called Christmas shopping.  At the rate I'm going I'll have to express all the gifts I plan on buying to family scattered across the USA.  Christmas shopping is not done, but this 150+ piece gingerbread house is glued to (little kid) perfection and on display for all to see.
I am working on choosing my 2011 races.  I'll post which races I am looking at another day.  I am still debating whether I'll tackle running greater than 13.1 this year.  Or, maybe I'll try a tri.  All decisions that will be made in due time.  Until that time comes, I'm planning on seeing if I can go longer than 10 miles this weekend.  If I can, then I'll plan on running the 1/1/11 half marathon.  If I can't pull it off, then I'll plan on running the 3.5 miler on 1/1/11.   I'll find a way to be HAPPY with either distance.

On another HAPPY note, only 10.56 miles to the 1,000 mile mark!!!!!  (yes, extra exclamation points are necessary on this one.)  My goal is to mark to occasion in pictures because you only have one first 1,000 mile year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time to Run

Bittersweet is the best way to describe my last days of student teaching.  The kids were awesome and I happily ate entirely too much food the last two days of school.  I'm going to miss my cooperating teacher, she is a gem.  The good news, I only have one more class to go (tomorrow night) and then I'm officially done with school.  To celebrate I went shopping and finally got a RunningSkirts running skirt (thank goodness for their clearance sale):
Saturday morning I was up early to enjoy a short run on the treadmill before heading off to work.  The skirt was only fine, but it pulled in places it should not (my bum) and was loose in places it should not be (my waist).  I'm not sure what the huge deal is with these skirts.  Maybe my mind will change when I can wear it outdoors next spring.

This morning was supposed to be the first of five Winter Series Races.  While the midwest was getting dumped on our temps dropped and the rain turned to sleet and everything was frozen at my house this morning.  I am willing to run when it is cold and over icy patches (at a slow pace) and I'll even run when it is raining.  I will not drive on icy roads unless absolutely necessary so I missed my 15K this morning and ran on the treadmill instead.  To make it even easier to decide whether to stay home or to go was the fact that at 10am it was ~35F and raining; I've had some version of a cold for seven weeks and running in the rainy cold weather would not have helped me get better.  I did not make it all 15K, but considering I've done next to no running for the past seven weeks I'm happy with my 8 miler.

There are four more Winter Series Races, next up is the Hangover Half on 1/1/11.  I hope to be ready to run a S.L.O.W. half to start the new year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Quickie of a Post

I have not been ignoring everyone.  I have not been ignoring my running.  I just have not had time for either.  The last longer run I took was two weeks ago which makes me wonder if I should still do the 15K I am planning on this weekend.  I am not going for a PR, just a nice run in the cold weather with friends on a race course (unofficially timed).  I could do the 3 miler, but it just sounds so short these days.  I'll probably decide on Sunday morning which I want to do.

On another note, today is my last day of student teaching.  I have class and a lot of random things to get done next week and then I'll be done.  I have big plans for next week:  Monday I'll run, Tuesday I'll run, Wednesday I'll probably be ready to sleep, Thursday I'll run, and Friday I'll run!  I'm planning on getting a lot of two milers in next week.  I'll start at two and ease myself back into running more than one or two days a week.  I'm beyond excited to have time to run again!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Maddie, Miles, and More

Maddie was heartbroken that I did not take her running this weekend.  I had a long weekend because of Thanksgiving, so I took advantage of being home and ran four of five days.  I did all my running on my treadmill, so today when we went outside Maddie did her running in the yard.
one happy pup!
I think I am done running in November.  Once again, not a great mileage month, but I did better than October so I am happy.  I finished the month with 58.38 miles in a total of 10 days.  Here is what 2010 looks like as of today.
so very, very close to my 1010 mile goal
And more...  Thank you for the well wishes.  My solo week started well and continues for three more days this week.  It is so hard to believe that my journey to get my master's degree is almost done.  Yes, you will read more and more about this over the next few weeks as graduation approaches.  I have been working toward this for almost four years and it is huge for me.  When my student teaching is all done, in two more weeks, I will have more time to run.  The one thing I have not liked about student teaching is how little time I have to run.  I was running six days a week over the summer and now I only run two days a week.  It has been hard physically and emotionally.  I can't wait to get back out there more often!!  Until then, my blogging remains minimal.

It is Sunday afternoon so I will leave you with this thought:  GO PACKERS!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've Still Got It

First and foremost:  I am sorry I have not been by to comment on blogs.  I have no idea how some of you do it - full time job, family, life, and running?!?  It baffles me.  On top of those things, my solo week for student teaching starts on Monday (and goes through the next week due to Thanksgiving) so I have a lot of homework to do for my Supervising and Cooperating Teachers.  Until I'm done student teaching, I just don't have time to make it around to blogs.

After the hour run
I have lots to say, so I'll try to keep it as short as possible.  This morning I did the HMRRC hour RafFAL run.  I had nine miles planned and since I am no where close to finishing nine miles in an hour I got there early and did two miles before the hour run.  I was planning on between 3 and 4, but the respiratory virus I have just won't let go so I figured I should take care of myself and stay warm (a.k.a. be inside) instead of out in the 35F weather between my pre-run and the hour run.

I found Amanda before the race and we got to catch up!  It was good to hear all about her marathon and catch up on life since it seemed like it had been forever since we'd run together.  The race was $2 or a donation for the raffle.  I paid $2 and was set for a nice comfortable run.  My legs were still sore after Thursday's run for some reason, so slow and steady was the game plan.  The problem is that Amanda and I didn't quite do 'slow and steady' the whole time.  A few times we had to purposely slow down.  Once we talked about it and I let her know I needed to slow down but was trying to keep up with her.  The funny part is that she was trying to keep up with me.  I think we are well matched for running together.

The loot to be raffled off
The raffle details.  Run a 1 mile loop with about 1,000 other runners and a few walkers.  Every mile get a raffle ticket.  Run for one hour.  Challenge:  keep hold of all tickets during run and keep them somewhat dry because you have to write your name on it after the race.  Course record:  60 minutes.  (Ha, ha!)

Amanda and I each got 5 raffle tickets.  I'm happy to say that we both won something in the raffle.  In a few minutes the kids and I are going to have kettle corn while watching the Packer game (it's half-time so I'm typing fast).  Tomorrow morning ADP is going to enjoy some Dunkin Donuts coffee.  My family is benefitting from my morning run!

When the run was done, but before the raffle started I found out I've Still Got It.  I was in line to get some hot chocolate and the guy in front of me was wearing the same shirt as I was (from a previous race).  Well, I was holding my cup up and he wedding ring*...and then started talking.  I heard his running stats, how much he runs, how his 10K PR was at the race he was sporting the shirt from.  He was getting closer and closer (yes, it was cold, but most guys I know don't do an up-down look, check for a wedding ring, and then move closer just because).  He was a good 5-10 years my junior.  I left him mid-sentence saying something like 'nice talking to you' and just walked away.  ADP's response when I told him:  'Way to go.'  *I didn't know what the deal was with the tickets at the race.  Not knowing if I was going to be pulling my gloves off repeatedly I left my wedding ring home because I didn't want to accidentally loose my ring.*

Can you tell where the 1 mile loop was?  Look for the thick red line!
I won this!

I also won this!
7.32 miles
1:13:13 for an average of 10:00/mi

I know 7.32 isn't the 9 I had planned, but it is good enough for me today.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yoga Gear Review

America's Nutrition, a US company based in the midwest, contacted me to see if I wanted to do a review of any of their products.  I took a gander at their site and I was drawn to the yoga gear they have available.  While what I write about most on here is running, I do a variety of yoga moves after running to help stretch and strengthen my body.

The ZenZu Ball that arrived was perfect!  I have an stability ball from Target but I have to fill it up weekly because it kept losing air so I was interested to see how the ZenZu Ball would do.  My ball from Target is also flimsy.  I will admit that I did not use the hand pump that came with the ball, instead I used a low flow air compressor.  I filled it up and refilled it about two days later once the creases flattened out.  I haven't had to fill it again!  The ball also came with a little tool to help get the plug out so it is much easier to fill up.  The ball is perfect.  The ball came with a sheet of additional strengthening exercises that can be done with the ball.  I haven't tried them all, but the exercises I have done are working well at strengthening my arms, legs, and core.  The ball is available for $24.99 from Americas Nutrition and worth every penny!
America's Nutrition also sent me a Premium Yoga Mat by Zenzation.  You have no idea how much easier doing a mountain climber stretch is when you have a yoga mat!  One of the main stretches in the mountain climber is downward dog.  My hands no longer slip here and there!  Another benefit is that the mat is 1/4" thick.  I do most of my exercising in my basement on the poured cement floor and the 1/4" thickness is a life saver.  It is enough cushioning so that I am not hurting after I do my stretching and strengthening.  The dimensions and other details of the mat can be found here.  I have not taken the mat to a yoga class yet because of my current student teaching schedule, but I plan on trying it out as soon as I can.  This yoga mat can be purchased for $23.99 from Americas Nutrition.

I recommend you try out their site and if you have questions contact them.  They were very helpful when I was deciding what to try and always answered my questions in a timely manner.

*America's Nutrition provided these products to me free of charge.  The opinions are mine and mine alone.  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Things Thursday, 11.11

  1. Student teaching is wonderful, but I am behind on a lot of things.  I cleaned my pile of magazines off last night and recycled those I knew I wouldn't read.  What was I left with?  3 issues of Runner's World and 3 issues of Real Simple.  I am one of those people who devours Runner's World the day it arrives in my mailbox and I haven't read it in THREE months!  Maybe this weekend I'll try to carve out some time to read one.
  2. I ran again this morning.  I was not pain free.  Most of the pain was in my head.  Thankfully, between my run and typing this I made it to the doctor and am now on a course of abx for a sinus infection.  Now if the headache would go away I'd be a whole lot happier.  :)
  3. I've decided to take credit for ADP's weekend running habits.  Once upon a time it was ADP who got me to go to the gym on a regular basis.  Until earlier this summer ADP would run on the weekends, but he'd only run when it was warm and usually about 3.5 miles.  Since agreeing to run the half marathon with me on 10.10.10 he's realized that he likes running longer than 3 miles and he likes the cooler weather.  He runs every weekend and while I don't know how far he goes, I'm guessing around 6-7 miles based on the short amount of time he's gone.  I'm taking credit for his new found love of longer distances.  I'm a good wife for taking credit, right?!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whoa Nellie!

This morning was a perfect morning for running.  I didn't run though.  I was here:
I know it doesn't look like much (especially from the inside of my car), but it was a big intersection.  A short 30 minutes after I took this photo the first runners went by and I had the joy of telling them to turn the corner by using my spiffy official bright orange flag.  You got it, I was a course marshal this morning.  This intersection was a busy one for the runners because it was just after mile 1 and then the runners came back through and mile 7 was just after the intersection.  I heard lots of garmins beeping during my time there.  It was great!  The cross road was large enough that I was working with a police officer...he directed traffic, I directed runners.  It was awesome.  When I was finished at my post I returned my official gear to the finish line and cheered in some friends as they completed their 15K.

This afternoon I did go for a run.  I started my training plan for my next half (1/1/11) and I took this past week to assess my running, where I was, and how far I had to go.  I decided today I'd start my training plan with a 7 mile run.  I did 6 by myself and then picked up my favorite running partner (for short runs); Maddie and I ran the last mile together.  I really don't think she could be happier than when she's running with me.  My favorite pup is out of practice because not even .5 miles in and I had to clean up after her.  While I love running with Maddie, I don't really like running with a bag of dog crap.  I'll take it though because it makes her so happy and I will always clean up after my dog.

Post run pic
For my run I had a long sleeve shirt on and didn't bother to pull the sleeve up over my garmin because I was out to run and enjoy the day.  However, I was running a familiar route so I knew about where the mile markers were.  I decided to stop about the half way point and do a quick stretch.  I pulled up my sleeve and looked at my garmin...3.05 I ran another .05 miles to get to a 5K.  WHOA NELLIE...if I had run a 5K this afternoon I would have a new PR of 28:22.  Once again, a PR during a run and not during a race.  I was surprised by my time and decided to slow down for the rest of my run because I knew I couldn't run another 3 + 1 at that pace.  My legs didn't agree with my mind and I finished 7.11 miles in 1:06 (9:17/mi average).  Whoa Nellie!  Not even 18 months ago I was gasping when I tried to maintain a 12 min mile and now I did 7 miles at 9:17.  WOO HOO!!!

Proof!  (My heart rate was still coming down when I took the picture.)
The best part about today's run:  no pain.  As in nothing painful anywhere!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Lost Memo

Team BAD did seriously well at the Ragnar Relay last year.  So when I got an e-mail about two weeks ago wondering if I would like to do it again I more-or-less told ADP I'd be gone for 48 hours for a race in May and that he'd have to take care of everything while I was away having a blast.  I was going to do the relay again and according to our fearless leader, we were going to be BADDER this year.

Fast-forward about one week and my school registration information arrived and while I am not taking any classes in the spring (DECEMBER GRADUATION!!!!), I needed to look at the calendar to find out when commencement ceremonies are scheduled.  The school only releases the school calendar one semester at a time, so I've been has my find out when I get to don a cap and gown again.  Apparently the memo got lost with the dates of Ragnar.

Ragnar and commencement are the same weekend.  

Nnnnoooooooooo!  I went back and forth for a few minutes and then came to my senses.  Ragnar Relays happen all over the place and happen annually.  I am only going to get my master's degree once.  Commencement this year (and Ragnar next year).  I have heard rumors that some or all of my family is planning on trekking to my corner of the world so they can watch me walk across a stage in a long, black cape-like outfit.  So, no - I do not think I can run Ragnar on Fri/Sat and still participate in commencement ceremonies if I have family visiting.

Next year I'll run Ragnar if there is a team that will have me...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Sunday Run

One of the things I love about fall is the perfect running weather:  cool with a slight breeze.  Of course, since I ran this morning it wasn't as cool as I wanted (49F), but I took it.  I planned on doing my outer loop, which is ~5 miles.  Since my IT band has been tight (I don't have ITB Syndrome, just a weak hip and thus a tight IT band) and I came down with a cold on Friday I decided to do what I could with the run.

The first three miles were great!  My arms were tired, but since we worked in the yard and filled 21 bags with yard waste yesterday I wasn't surprised.  I had my garmin covered so I would not be bothered with my pace.  I stopped after the third mile and stretched a little and then kept going.  Yes, I had to walk up the hills because I started coughing and hacking...I figured I should save my lungs instead of hacking one up.  I was tired by the end of the fifth mile so I headed home instead of adding on the extra ~.5 mile I usually do at the end of this route.  I was really pleased to look at my garmin when I got home:  5.63 miles, 56:23 minutes, 10:01/mi pace.  For low expectations because of my cold and my tight IT band I did exceptionally well for me.
It was only appropriate to wear my shirt from last weekend's 5K, The Great Pumpkin Challenge,  since it is Halloween
Post run obligatory picture

On other topics...
I have finished my first week of my second student teaching placement.  It is at a much larger school, the students are 10th and 11th graders, and the day is long.  I asked about the day and apparently the teachers' work day at this particular school is one of the longest in the state.  Add a 45 minute commute and I am not home as much.  I did try to exercise in the morning once this week and there is no way I can do it unless I start getting up at 4 a.m.  So, this week I am going to try this:

Monday:  rest (a.k.a. student teach during the day, graduate class in the afternoon, homework until I collapse)
Tuesday:  run after school (the question is if I'll do it at the gym or from home)
Wednesday:  rest
Thursday:  x-train at the gym (apparently there are more machines for exercise than just treadmills...who knew?!?!)
Friday:  run 5-7 after school (we get out an hour early this day)
Saturday:   rest
Sunday:  run...when my IT band is a little better I'll do my long runs here

October mileage was lower than normal:  52.87 miles
YTD:  907.81 miles
Miles to go in 2010:  102.19 miles

I have more to say, but I must go.  I'll leave you with these two parting thoughts.
Happy Halloween
Go Packers!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Missing PT Exercises

I had a plan, but the plan did not include the return of my IT band hurting.  So, the plan has been revised.  Here goes...

When I started student teaching I stopped doing my PT exercises (from the beginning of the year) for my left hip and leg for strengthening, which keeps my IT band nice and comfortable when I am running.  I found out that not doing the exercises has done me no good because my left leg is tight and slightly painful and making me unhappy with running.  So, I changed my plans.

I am not running the Hairy Gorilla this weekend.
I am not running the Squirly Six this weekend (my other option).
I am not running the Stockade-athon 15K in Nov.
I am volunteering as a course marshal at the Stockade-athon.
I am going to do my PT exercises a few times a week (I'm going to try for three).
I am going to keep my running to a minimum until my leg isn't hurting.
I am not going to sweat the fact that I have barely run this month.

On a happy note, the group of new runners I've been working with through the No Boundaries program ran their 5K this weekend!  It was amazing to be with so many people running their first 5K.  The mentee I ran with finished in 34:17!!  What an amazing time for someone who has never run before.  The best part, she and some of the other new runners already have a few races scheduled in November and December.

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Run

I went on my first actual run since my half this morning.  As expected, it went well.  I did have a little pain during mile 2, but I think it was because of the lack of running / too much eating I did over the last week.

Now that it has been a week, I need to figure out a training plan for my next half.  It is a free race on 1/1/11 called the Hangover Half.  It is hard to predict much about this race.  It can be 50F or it can be 0F outside.  The race is very boring in that it loops around a campus a few times.  But, it is a great way to start the new year.  I had a goal for my half last weekend that I did not hit; I would like to try again but since I cannot predict the weather for the next half I don't know if it will be possible.  Better yet, any locals running??  Realistically, if it is 0F outside I may go for the shorter race (it might be 3.5 miles).  I still want to be ready for all 13.1 miles.

So...should I re-do the last two months of the plan I was just doing?  Find something ~10 weeks long to get me to the new year?  Do what I can when I can?  What would you do?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Race Pictures

I know you are dying to see the race pictures.  Here are those taken by Ken Shelton Photography for the race.
Just crossing the starting line

ADP at mile 10

ADP crossing the finish line!

one more to prove he did it
mile 10

I've always wanted a "ns" on my facce

don't let the smile fool you, I was in pain

going to finish

a PRin the books
I did a very slow 3 miles last night at No Boundaries.  My calf still hurts, but thankfully only on the up and down hills.  I hope to be back at it by this weekend because my next half is already on the books for 1/1/11!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon RR

I'm not sure how to recap yesterday's half marathon.  I am torn and still wondering if something could have been different.  I'm working on finding the silver lining, but it is a bit difficult this morning.

We have family here for the long weekend to take care of the kids, which made the day easier on me.  I knew Bugs and Punky would be fine with my mom and her beau.  ADP and I were up early, way too early.

wasting time before leaving for the race
Maddie wanted to go along
We had about a 30 minute drive to the bus pick-up.  We got there early and went to the hotel lots were staying at in order to use their indoor bathrooms.  Why?  Because it was 36F outside!  Soon, it was time to load the buses.
school busses were not meant for adults...there's no room for our knees
Lucky us, our bus got lost on the way to the start.  The drivers were told to follow the bus in front of them.  The problem is that the half and full marathon started in different places and we ended up following a bus going to the full marathon start line.  Everyone on the bus spoke 26.2 for us.  We made it to the starting line with an hour to spare.
ADP staying warm prior to the race

$3.50 worth of throw away clothes from the Salvation Army!
I had primed ADP about starting at the front.  He likes to start back a little because he's not that fast (or so he says).  He was up front and apparently was alone most of the 13.1 miles because the front of the pack was quite spread out.  Me, I was in the thick of it.  I didn't have satellite for the first mile, so I spent the trail portion of the race restarting my garmin.  It was up and going in no time, but I waited until mile one to hit start so I would have an idea of the mileage.  I didn't know how long the first mile took, so I added a random time to my total watch time so I would have an idea of how I was doing.

Let me say this, I was doing awesome!!  I was going to smash my time, my goals, and set a huge PR in the process.  (mile 1 unknown and then:  9:12, 9:18, 9:15, 9:35, 9:34/mi.)  Then, slowly it happened...a cramp in my left calf about mile 7 / 8.  Then I started overcompensating and my quads started hurting and tightening up (~mile 9).  Then my right hip flexor was hurting (mile 10 on).  I was walking more each mile.  I was hurting.  At one point I thought I was going to get sick so I down right stopped moving (somewhere in mile 10).  I tossed all thoughts of PR out the window and just wanted to cross the finish line.

Since I knew all good about the race and my time were gone, I stopped, pulled out my phone and snapped a couple of pictures.  Only one turned out.
The last 5 miles looked like this
Then friends started passing me.  Talk about a low.  I can run with food poisoning, I can fill in on relays at the last minute, I figured out how to run in the heat and the cold, and yet I couldn't get my calf to work properly on a 13.1 mile run.  Grrr.  Regardless, I ran as much as I could manage.  When I was .25 miles from the finish I started seeing people I knew and it helped.  Much to my surprise I did get a PR.  I didn't hit my goals, but I shaved over 2 minutes off my previous PR.

I found ADP right away and found out not only did his race go well, it was amazing!
1st place AG
10th place over all
(no idea who the guy next to him is...but he gave ADP the award)

Done and done!

ADP's AG award

LOVE the medals this year!
I talked ADP into running this race on 10/10/10 to celebrate our 10th anniversary later this month.  We ran, we went to dinner, we are done celebrating.  Now off to roll my calf again.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weather update

New low temp for tonight...31F. Good thing I stopped at the Salvation Army and picked up some "throw away" clothes to wear while waiting for tomorrows half to start. Off to pick up race packets later this afternoon. Last year: 2:14:54 Tomorrow: hopefully faster Will post tomorrow after the race.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

37F Degrees?

What happened to nice October weather?  I just checked the weather on Saturday night and the low is 37F.  Ummm, our half marathon is this Sunday morning and I was planning on wearing shorts/shirt, but I think I'm going to need to rethink my choices.  The race starts at 8:30, so hopefully it will warm up a little...but since the high is only 58F I am not counting on much warmth.

How far away is Sunday?  Seriously, I have enough going on that I would have to count on my fingers or go find a calendar to figure it out.  I know this:  Sunday is race day.

ADP is ready!!  He says he has no expectations.  It is his first half marathon, so I respect his statement and feelings.  Even so, if he treats this race as a training run I bet he would finish in 95 to 97 minutes.  I've seen ADP race and I know him pretty well; my guess is it will take 92 minutes for him to run his first half.

Me...I have goals but none that I am going to share.  I have four goals...pie in the sky, reachable, PR, finish.  I have times in my mind for each of these goals, but only ADP knows what they are.  Think about it, ADP is going to finish in ~1hr 30 min and then have to sit around and wait and wait and wait for me so I figured it would be good for him to know when to expect me at the finish line.  I'll let you know my times and maybe even my goals after the race is all finished.

Now, I'm off to bed so that I can be relatively well rested for race day.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Test post

Life is busy so I'm checking to see if I can blog from my phone. Off to hit "publish post" and see what happens.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Love Your Brooks!

Wow, you really love your brooks gear.  There were 121 comments on my post, so I went over to trusty to find a winner for me.  Lucky for me the random number generated was I counted down 87 comments (fun, I tell you...but worth it to give away a goodie).  I'm happy to announce the winner is:

Badgergirl at Adventures of Badgergirl who said:  
"I need a new pair of running shoes because my current pair are screaming to be replaced since they don't think they've got enough life left in them to get me through a third half marathon."
Congratulations!  Please send me an e-mail (runningonmytimemail (at) gmail (dot) com) with your address.

Thanks for entering the giveaway and for following my journey!  Every one of you inspires me with your comments.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September is Over

Today I got to light a hydrogen balloon on fire.  Days like today I really love being a chemist.  This is not me, but it is a good video of the demo I did:

Fun, eh?  I think so.

My month hasn't been a great running month mentally, but when I logged my miles I ran this morning I was surprised to see a 90+ mile month.  I may not be there mentally, but I'm still getting the physical benefits of the running.

My goal for the year is 1010 miles.  Here's how it is going:
I only have to run 155.06 miles to meet my goal!!  Yippy Skippy!  And, considering I have a half marathon in a week and another on 1/1/11, I think I'll be just fine hitting my goal this year.

How did your month go?