Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tracking Mileage

Thanks to everyone who responded to my “Looking for a Site” post.  There are a lot of great sites available on the web! I reviewed them all and thought about what I like and want out of a site and realized I don’t want to have another account somewhere. I love sitting down with my running journal for a few minutes after my runs to write down important information (at least information I feel is important). The hard part is tracking my year and shoe mileage so I’m going to make an excel spreadsheet to make it easy on myself.

So, after all my web searching and your recommendations, here are some highlights from the recommended sites:

Run Log
  • Weekly training log in calendar format
  • Track shoe mileage
  • Track different exercise types
  • Ability to share with friends, training partners, etc
  • Facebook integrated
Daily Mile
  • Social training log
  • Track different exercise types
  • Has widget for blogs
  • Sync with Facebook, Twitter, Nike+
  • Map your routes
  • Garmin integration coming soon
Training Peaks
  • Track different exercise types
  • Map your routes
  • Web based training and nutrition log
  • Integrate with many devices including Garmin, iPhone, Polar, etc.
Running Ahead
  • Track different exercise types
  • Garmin Forerunner integration
  • Track shoe mileage and workout equipment usage
  • Sync with Facebook
  • Map your routes
  • Has widget for blogs
  • Creates reports/graphs of your data
Log Your Run
  • Track different exercise types
  • Free training programs
  • Track shoe mileage
  • Map your routes
  • Garmin Forerunner (new series) integration
  • Sync with Facebook and Twitter and Google
Buckley Outdoors
  • Endurance sports
  • Track diet, hydration, exercising
  • Import workout information from GPS devices
  • Social aspect
  • Has widget for blogs
Sport Tracks
  • GPS-enabled exercise logbook software
  • Track distance, time and pace
Running Journal
Sorry, no link for this. Take a piece of paper and write what you want. A journal or notebook work best, but do what you can and write what you will.


sam said...

I think I am going to do what you do and start a running journal and just use an excel spread sheet. I am just so bad with excel, I am not computer savvy by any means.

Thanks for your encouraging words! I am excited about the half. So did you follow a training plan when you did the marine corps half? I just threw one together that I thought would work for me.

By the way how was your Christmas suzy? Hope it was fantastic. I am so glad to be back in bloggy world. It feels good!

Tina said...

I keep track of my mileage I've run and put on my shoes in my running journal - of the paper variety.

Nice organized info in this post!

Jon said...

i use an excel spreadsheet on my home computer to track EVERYTHING. I also use buckeyeoutdoors if i do a workout @ work just so i don't forget the details by the time I get home.