Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Days and Counting

Every morning at breakfast the kids remind me to change our “Days Until Christmas” countdown.  This morning I wrote “4” on it and the kids were beyond excited.  What they have not put together is that while we celebrate Christmas on the 25th, we start opening gifts on the 24th.  With the holiday in mind, I decided I needed to get up and run this morning.  No putting it off this week because I don’t want to run into Santa in the wee hours of the morning later this week.

It only took me about 20 minutes to coax myself out of bed this morning.  My original plan was to run five miles, but with the extra gravity holding me to my bed this morning I only had time for four miles.  While I was slowly running on the treadmill in the basement, ADP was at the gym running his Winter Misery One Miler (inside, I might add).  When he got to work he sent his times and once again I was reminded how stinkin’ fast the guy is.  He ran three miles this morning:  5:58, 6:22, and 6:14.  Really, the guy needs to get in more 5K races!  He could bring home some hardware.  I love the guy, but enough about ADP.

My week plan is roughly this (running and food included):

  • Monday:  5 miles (made it 4 miles)
  • Tuesday:  make cookies or bread or both
  • Wednesday:  5 miles, make caramel rolls
  • Thursday:  celebrate Christmas gift opening day 1, eat caramel rolls, make more caramel rolls
  • FridayMerry Christmas!!!  Celebrate Christmas gift opening day 2, eat more caramel rolls, make more bread
  • Saturday:  Run off all the caramel rolls, bread, and cookies consumed through the week (I’m realistic - I know it may take more than one run to wear it all off)


Jill said...

I bet your kids are sooo excited. I remember those days. Mine are 19, 14 and 14 (yes, twins) and though they still enjoy the holidays, the anticipation of excitement is long gone. ADP is super speedy...though good for you for cranking out 4 today! Enjoy!!

Teamarcia said...

EEK! It is gonna be here before we know it! Exciting for the kids, stressful for me. Those caramel rolls sound way good!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Glad you fought the temptation to skip your run! Sounds like a great week! Merry Christmas!

Wendy said...

I know what you mean about trying to run off all the goodies! This time of year is so dangerous! :)