Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yippy Skippy

I finally had my appointment with the foot/ankle specialist (he's actually a surgeon but since he's one of Bugs' friends dad I went to him). 
  • Great news:  I can run as much as I want as long as my toe isn't hurting. 
  • Good news:  I can run on the treadmill, (cushioned) track, and if those feel fine outdoor surfaces are okay as well...but not trail running yet
  • OK news:  I have to get a carbon fiber foot plate (more $$ out of pocket because insurance doesn't cover them).
  • More OK news:  I have to replace my shoes more often than I have been, which is more money out of pocket again.
Dr. D. manipulated my toe for a few minutes and now it's sore so once again I sit inside on a 50 degree day and instead of running.  I tried to make the best of it and went to the shoe store  to buy new shoes.  ADP went over the weekend and came home proclaiming they were the best store ever.  I came home bummed because the person helping me assumed I should be wearing the same shoes I wear now...even though I was fitted for them a long time ago and I was heavier then.  I'll take the shoes to my next doctor appointment when I get my foot plate and see if they will work or if I need to return them.  I'm not so secretly hoping I need to take the shoes back and someone different helps me next time.  Even if I don't have to take the shoes back I know they will work - I've gone through quite a few shoes in this line and haven't had any major troubles with them.


Manderz said...

Great news!

What shoe store did you go to?

Suzy said...

Fleet Feet.

JenLo said...

I had a not-great experience at my local Fleet Feet. I had doubts when the kid who helped me looked like a teenager, but I went with what he suggested. I have not liked the shoes he recommended although everybody else who has been has raved about it. Go with your gut...if you want something different, just take them back.

Manderz said...

That's where I go also. I love that every $250 you spend you get $25!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Hope you're out there running again soon!