Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will there be a marathon in my future?

I know I will run a marathon. The question is when?? I have been looking at 2010 races and trying to figure out if I should attempt a marathon next year.
There are a lot of things going for a spring/early summer marathon.
  • I have no spring plans
  • I am taking the spring off of graduate school
  • It is cool in the spring
  • The marathon I’d most likely do is over a long weekend (Key Bank Vermont City Marathon in Burlington)

The downfalls aren’t as numerous, but they are still in my mind: 
  • I don’t think I could train for a marathon alone
  • I would probably join Team in Training [] for the marathon (raising money is a daunting task) or find a group to run with (how does one find a group like that?)
  • I’ll be an assistant coach for Punky’s soccer team on Saturday mornings
Really, it is just raising the money and the soccer conflict that are the only big downfalls. Punky has already told all her friends I’ll be her coach. I have a huge soft spot for my kids and if she wants me to coach, then I will. I believe the Team in Training long runs are on the same morning as soccer, but I’m not sure. I have plans to go to an info session in January to learn more about Team in Training.

Is there ever a good time train for a marathon?


Mark said...

Suzy, We have a running club down here with a web site that lists several training group options, maybe there is one around you. I beleive you can do it and still keep the balance, you'll cherish those coaching memories!

Manderz said...

I've never trained for a marathon but I grew up with a marathon dad and I will say it takes a lot of time. I remember him being away for hours at a time for months when he was training. It is very time consuming and you really need to make the commitment and time for it.

HMRCC and ARE have running get togethers - I bet if you go to one of them you can find a group that is training for a marathon.

If I get into the NYC Marathon this year I'll be training too and then we can train together :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I would check with your local running store to find training groups...that is what I did and then the worry about fundraising would be lessened.

If you can balance, education, life, family and running then you can train for a Marathon. It is the mental commitment to physical training.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Jill said...

No, there is never a "good time" to train for a marathon - but it's part of who you are and you'll make it work. I understand about the alone part; I have a few friends that run but organizing our schedules is never easy ... so I'd suggest seeing if you can find a running group or try to form one of your own, if not.

That's great you coach your child's soccer!!!

roxie said...

Is there ever a good time to get pregnant? Or start grad school?

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

You might try USA Fit online for a running group. Or google running groups and your neighborhood. Some marathon training groups try to finish up early on Saturdays.

My daughter is grown now, but if I had to choose between coaching or running a marathon, I'd choose coaching - kids are only young once. Marathons will always be around.