Monday, November 30, 2009

Whirlwind Weeks Ahead

I’m in the middle of a few busy weeks. I have to honestly say that those of you who work, have families, and run are amazing because I can’t imagine doing it all. I have a hard enough time keeping life straight without working.

This morning I was up early and did 6 on the treadmill. My weeks always go better when I start Monday morning running. My ITB was tight so I took short breaks at 2 and 4 miles to stretch it out. I’ll add some ice and more stretching throughout today and it should be fine. I also wore my new shoes and I have two nice blisters to show for it. Ah, the joys of running. :D

I went back and read what I had written about my toe pain and realized I haven’t written much lately. My right toe is great. Well, I don't' think it will ever be great, but it isn’t hurting at all these days! The specialist I went to spent time talking with me, looking at my x-rays, and feeling/manipulating my toe and foot (thank goodness his hands were warm). The good news: he felt and saw no indicators of arthritis. The not as good news: he felt and saw the starts of a bone spur on the top of one of the bones and that is probably causing the pain when I hyper-extend my toes. The foot plates I have are working well for my toe because I can’t hyper-extend my toes at all with them in my shoes. The downfall is that the balls of my feet are getting beat up because the footplate seems to be negating the cushioning under my foot. I’ll see if I get used to it, but I may have to get some cushioned insoles for my shoes.

This week’s plan:
Monday: 6 miles (done)
Tuesday: weight train at the gym
Wednesday: 5 miles in the morning, 20 page paper due at night
Thursday: off (instead go to airport to pick up my mom and SO)
Friday/Saturday: 10 - 12 miles
Sunday: off

Have a great week everyone!


sam said...

I need to do a weekly plan like you I think it would help me stay on track!

Jill said...

With a heavy heart, I just fired my personal trainer...long story... 2 weeks before my marathon. So I'm left to my own devicesand in a cloud, which is ironic since I'm a marathon running coach. Sick, huh? So I'm going to sit down and write out my plan at the gym, where I'm headed, to do some core work (which I hate, but know I have to). How's that for a pity-party! Anyway, what I'm saying is how inspiring you are and I'm glad to "know" you!

I was born and raised in Davenport. Went to college on a track/swimming scholarship at Northern Iowa. Nice place..somedays I love to go back there in my mind. Never spent much time in Ames, though.

Wendy said...

Looks like a great week ahead!

JenLo said...

I'm planning to do the inaugural 13.1 race in NYC (Flushing Meadows park) on April 3 to benefit World Vision. Some of my kickboxing classmates are going to walk it, and I have another friend or two who may run it -- my goal is to be able to run the whole thing. Since it's Easter break, my hubby and kids are going to come and we'll spend the night and they'll cheer me on!

PS--a friend and I walked the ARC half marathon this past September in Syracuse if you are looking for something closer than Lake Placid for a half. It was the same day as the Lake Placid this year.

The Happy Runner said...

Nice week ahead!

What doc do you go to? I think my podiatrist isn't great and I may want a second opinion.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Did you finish writing the 20 page paper yet? Ugh!

Too bad about the blisters, but I'm glad your toe is okay.

Hope your whirlwind weeks are stress-free!

RunToTheFinish said...

you knwo I finally found that some active stretches before I start running keeps my ITB from gettting might be doing that already just thought I'd throw it out!