Thursday, November 12, 2009

One for the Girls

Disclaimer:  If you are a guy, just stop reading now. If you are family you can stop reading now as well. The rest of you this may be a TMI post but it is worth the read.

There are many names for a girl’s monthly visitor...aunt flo (AF), the rag, menstruation, it…and females have to deal with “it” every month. One of the challenges is finding something that will work while exercising. A friend who is a triathlete let me know about menstrual cups. I’ll never go back to the “old way” for so many reasons. One of the big ones for me is no more leaking, never a drop! I can go out on a long run and not worry or wonder. And, on busy days I don’t have to find a bathroom every couple hours because the diva cup can stay in for 12 hours at a time.

There are a few different brands but I’m only familiar with the DivaCup. It comes in two sizes (pre/post pregnancy and/or based on age) which takes the guessing out of what to buy. The only challenge is figuring out how to put it in. There are a few sites with lists of different folds, I like this one. Try the different fold and see what works best for you. Just remember to wash your hands before you use it and to boil the cup monthly (for 20 minutes) to kill off anything trying to live on the cup.

I know others who use the diva cup and when I bought my first they gave me some advice which I’ll pass on to you. Don’t give up. It can take a couple cycles to figure out how to insert the cup without difficulty. Once you figure it out, throw all the tampons and pads away because I’m confident you won’t want to go back.

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