Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Morning Worth Repeating

I was determined to start the week on the right foot…a running foot. I didn’t get a run in yesterday due to the rain so I ran this morning. I ran 5.25 miles to the gym and had my “fitness consultation.” I’m fit. No, not the fittest I’ve ever been, but I’m no slouch either so there was little consultation and lots of personal training. I met with Nate for an hour (did I mention he’s a Packer fan?) and went through lots of exercises that will help me get stronger and in turn help my running. When the hour was done I hit the pavement again and ran home (3.5 miles…and only one wrong turn).

I was going for mileage, not time today. The run there went well. I have a new appreciation of the hills I usually ignore when I’m in my car headed to the gym. Ugh, they were a bit taller and longer than I’m used to. I made it up and down them though. The run home was little tough. It could have been that I had just spent the last hour with a trainer. It could have been the fact that I was tired and hungry. It could have been almost anything, but what I do know is about .5 miles from home I hurt myself on the shoulder of the road. I didn’t hurt-hurt myself, I walk-jogged home and have full function of my knee. But, I’m going to be icing and stretching my IT band for the next couple days. Do you recommend anything to help my IT band?

I’d love a repeat of this morning all except the last half-mile home.


Believe said...

I want your will power!! Right now!! Haha, great job!

sam said...

WOW amazing job! Sounds like the consultation went well! I think we all knew you weren't a slouch already!! haha

By the way you will be getting the POM coupons! =] Just e mail me the address you want the coupons delivered to!

JenLo said...

I don't have any advice, but wondering how your house got so much closer on the way home ;) 5.25 miles on the way vs. 3.5 miles back. Probably a very good thing the way home was shorter-

Manderz said...

CHeck out my blog for pictures of IT Band stretches.