Monday, November 23, 2009

In and Out of School

Today has been a day of school.  I spent the morning working on my research project for graduate school by observing  4 and 5 year old kids at preschool.  It was a blast and I'm writing up my findings now.  Observing was fun, but I feel like I'm trying to "find x" in writing up what I observed. 

If spending the morning in preschool wasn't enough, today was take your parent to school day for my older child.  I had enough time between preschool and kindergarten to eat lunch, put the preschooler down for a nap and say a quick "Hi" to ADP (who came home so I could go to kindergarten).  We had a great time doing music & movement and putting his clay beads on a string.  I think I'm ready to graduate from both preschool and kindergarten after today's excursions.

I loved visiting both schools.  But, if it happens again I'm not going to both schools on the same day.  I'm exhausted.


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I love that "find x"...I struggle HUGE with math and I feel like that. If you know where "x" is, just tell me!!! Sounds like a busy, but fun day :)