Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ice On My Knee

I’m sitting here typing with my leg propped up so the ice pack will stay on my knee. It isn’t an easy position to hold, but the ice helps so I’ll keep doing it. Yesterday I didn’t exercise and I didn’t have any pain in my knee. Since yesterday went well, I got on the treadmill this morning to see how my IT band was doing. All was well for two miles. At almost exactly the 2 mile mark I felt a little pain so I stopped running and walked for another mile. Since I had originally planned on an hour of running today I spent the extra time stretching and catching up my running journal. Now I sit and ice my knee because while yesterday was basically pain free, today certainly is not. I guess my plan has been changed to ice-elevate-stretch, repeat as often as possible.


sam said...

Oh no Suzy! i am sorry to hear the kneee pain is back! i hope it starts to get better soon, at least you got 2 miles down running. Better than nothing.

Jill said...

Arghhhh! I hate injuries. You're being smart about not running too much on it, though I know it's killing ya not to! Hang in there!

The Happy Runner said...

I've meant to get over here and comment about your knee. So sorry about the injury. Have you tried using a tennis ball on your hip/glute area? I had bad ITB issues and started using the foam roller and tennis ball and they've worked wonders. I wrote a little about the tennis ball here:

Basically, for me, stretching the ITB wasn't helping too much. But, releasing the knots helped a lot. Now, before a run I rub my legs down using the Stick. Then, I do a few ITB stretches and that's it. I use the tennis ball when necessary.