Monday, November 16, 2009

I Value My Sleep

My alarm was supposed to go off early this morning so I could do 6x800’s on the treadmill. Couple hurting myself yesterday with the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well lead me to turn my alarm clock off this morning. It did not do me much good; I was still awake early because I couldn’t sleep. I made the best of it and did some homework for class Wednesday. Hopefully tonight will be a better night because without sleep I’m a bear.

Here’s a quick update on yesterday. My leg is feeling better this morning, but I have yet to test out how it feels running. Thanks for the stretch recommendations. Yesterday it didn’t feel like I did much with the trainer, but my muscles have the wonderful ‘you worked me hard yesterday’ pain! Now, if only trainers didn’t cost so much! I also want to point out that I can add. I wanted to get in 9 miles yesterday so on my way to the gym yesterday I took a little loop through my subdivision adding a couple miles onto my run there. On the way back I missed a turn so neither the run to nor from were the actual mileage to the gym. Next time I think I’ll do a straight shot to the gym and see how far it is.

Now I need to get back to my homework; procrastination time is finished.


Mark said...

Hope you sleep better..

sam said...

Ugh I hope the sleeping gets better! it is so hard to function when you haven't gotten enough shut-eye!

Seriously I wish trainers didn't cost so much! I would love to see one at least twice a week but it just is NOT in the budget right now!

Goodluck with homework Suzy!

JenLo said...

I have been lucky enough to find a personal trainer who has a studio in her home--we are bartering services and it is working out great. I am training with her and in return I am doing some office work for her. Maybe you can keep your eye open for somebody like that.