Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bummer Exercise Week

I don’t do well without a plan. I didn’t have a plan this week because I was waiting to see what the doctor was going to say on Wed. Well, Wednesday has come and gone and I still haven’t exercised except Monday morning. To round out the week I woke up to 45F and rain so I’ll run tomorrow (60F and sun!).

With the okay to run as much as wanted/needed as long as my toe feels fine I’ve decided to run a low-key half marathon on 1/1/10. What a way to start the new year! I talked to the race director (who happened to help me when I went back to the shoe store the second time*) and found out lots of interesting information. It is a 3.5 mile loop (he admits it is boring to run around and around) and the he is getting lots of quality goodies for after the run (Starbucks anyone?!). There is only race day sign-up, no medals, no shirts, nothing extra. It sounds like my kind of race. The unknown is the weather. He said last year it was about 5F and the year before it was 50F.  I wonder what it will be like this year.

Back to my training plan for the Hangover Half. I have a lot coming up between now and the new year (as does everyone else in the world) so I tried my best to make a schedule that would work.

Monday morning: speedwork
Monday night: strength training at the gym
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: treadmill run
Thursday afternoon: exercise class at the gym (granted, I can’t make it until Dec 10)
Friday: off
Saturday/Sunday: long run

I'm happy to have a plan again, and one that include more running! 

*I went back the shoe store I previously mentioned and the help I received was no less than spectacular! I got an even trade for the shoes I purchased the day before and I’m much happier with my new shoes.


The Happy Runner said...

I was bummed not to be able to run yesterday or today. I'm definitely getting out there tomorrow!

Enjoy your run!

JenLo said...

Very nice! Glad you got a swap on the shoes. I feel compelled to admit that this week I've given my shoes from Fleet Feet a second chance, changed out the inner sole and wah-lah, they are working really well.

Jill said...

Plans rule! Welcome back!

Nat said...

Thanks for stopping by Kitchen Creations and entering the giveaway! Good luck!

Manderz said...

I'm hoping to be capable of running the hangover half myself! But it may not happen bc of this stupid IT band issue