Sunday, November 8, 2009

50 Things about Me

  1. I want to run one marathon in my life
  2. I’ve quit drinking diet coke more times that I can count
  3. I still drink one diet coke a day
  4. We pay cash for everything we buy
  5. If we don’t have the cash, we can’t buy it
  6. We are working hard to pay down our debt
  7. I have two kids
  8. I’m vegetarian
  9. I’m in a book club
  10. I’ve only run with other people once in the last 12 years (other than races)
  11. I went on my first cruise over the summer
  12. The only time I ran with other people was in the morning before we got on the cruise
  13. I listen to country music
  14. I prefer to listen to 80’s hair bands over country when I run
  15. I haven’t had a fulltime job in over six years
  16. I love being a stay-at-home-mom
  17. I miss the intellectual stimulation of a job
  18. ADP has gotten a discount on his running shoes because of paying cash (and asking for a discount)
  19. I’m jealous of ADP’s discount on his shoes
  20. I love winter
  21. I learned how to drive a manual transmission in a Porsche
  22. I love gardening
  23. I’m disappointed in my veggie garden this year
  24. I don’t like biking
  25. I used to be in a swim club (we didn’t have a swim team at my school)
  26. I’m a slow swimmer, but I loved it
  27. I changed my last name when I got married
  28. People can’t pronounce my married name
  29. I had a bellybutton ring
  30. I took the ring out because it wouldn’t heal
  31. I have no food allergies
  32. I dated the captain of the football team in high school
  33. I dated a business/econ major in college
  34. I married a chemist in graduate school
  35. I’m a chemist
  36. No, we didn’t meet in lab
  37. It is hard to come up with 50 things about myself
  38. I’ve only read one book about running
  39. I love getting Runner’s World magazine
  40. I read it cover to cover the day it comes in the mail
  41. I hope running will help keep my knees from failing when I get older
  42. I plan to run the rest of my life
  43. My hope is that I eventually get fast enough so I can go on a run with ADP
  44. 'Fast enough' is so that I don’t feel like I’m slowing ADP down a lot
  45. I’m in awe of my SIL who runs and was/is a high school cross country coach
  46. The problem with running is that I don’t like the way I look without make-up on
  47. I can’t run with make-up on
  48. I have run on and off for 12 years (took time off to have kids)
  49. Until I ran a half-marathon I didn’t consider myself a runner
  50. I want to run four longer races in 2010


sam said...

you did good. 50 is a big number! I love that you pay cash for everything. I recently got rid of all my bank cards so I could only spend money I had. It is working.

YAY for 80's hair bands!

lol i love #'s 18 and 19.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Tell me more about the Porsche.. LOL

Why cant you run with make-up on, I would run in full stage make-up if I didn't think people woul stare.

I think that running with someone is a treat and that ADP should run slower with you and you should not worry about it.

GREAT LIST! I read all of them. I am thinking of doing another 100 things list, I am an uber dork and could talk about myself all day....if you havent figured that out yet :)

Jenn said...

Love the list. I've got to come up with something like this...

The Happy Runner said...

I love the list!!

I wish I could run in makeup, too, but I'm sure that would make my skin worse than it is! AH!

#42: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robinbb said...

This is a great list. I don't think I could come up with 50 things, I don't have much of an imagination. :)

And yes, I think Vermont City Marathon is that good. It is a small marathon with a big marathon feel. The expo is small and there isn't a whole lot going on in Burlington, but the race itself is amazing. People are everywhere cheering you on and the finish line is AWESOME! (Including free Ben & Jerry's ice cream and beer!) There is a big hill at mile 15 and they have drummers going and people cheering loudly to get you up the hill. Talk about having chills as you sprint up the hard hill. If I could only choose one marathon a year to do the rest of my life it would be Vermont and I do Disney every year but I would give up Disney for Vermont.

Wendy said...

LOVE your list! i think i'm going to do this too! :)