Saturday, October 3, 2009

Waiting On My Pancakes, 8 miles

One of the benefits of running is the eating. I used to be of the mindset "I run therefore I can eat." It was great, but I gained weight slowly over time so I don't suggest my old mindset. Now, I fuel my runs which treats me much better on all fronts (eating, running, and weight loss). The important part is to not restrict myself so no food is off limits for me. OK, there are some off-limits foods extraneous reasons; for one I'm vegetarian so I'm not going to go out and eat a steak...but I could if I wanted to. Since I don't want a steak and it is breakfast time, I'll go for the next best thing: ADP's pancakes. I plan on having my fill, and only my fill, of pancakes for breakfast. It is not my normal oatmeal with yogurt and fruit, but once in a while it is good to mix things up a little. So, I'm sitting here typing while ADP is in the kitchen making pancakes. Life is good.

This morning I stayed here and ran my 8 miles on the treadmill. I'm still having some lower GI issues and I'll just say that I'm happy I stayed home for my run. I am very thirsty (probably due to previously mentioned issues) so I was drinking more during my run than normal. Of course, I had a stomach ache when I was done. Thankfully it was just a full stomach and I'm fine now so I can have pancakes. My run this morning was my last weekend run before my race next weekend. I can't believe it is almost here!!

Today: 8 miles
Weekly total: 27.25 miles
Training total: 269.6 miles

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sam said...

wow 8 miles is a lot to me! i am a new runner and my longest is half of that! how long have you been running for?