Monday, October 26, 2009

A Trip to the Store

Sunday morning I scoured the advertisements and found some cold weather running pants on sale. Great! I have a problem buying clothing when it is full price so I hopped in the car and went to the store with the sale. I looked around and found the pants on sale. Why, when only these specific cold-weather running pants were on sale did they only have four in stock? Of course, none were in my size. Since I was there I tried some other pants on and found what I am looking for in the fit and what size to buy. I now know what I want so I’m going to watch for more sales. I just hope I don’t have to wait until the spring thaw to buy pants. (I checked on-line and the pants are more expensive than the in-store full price and you have to pay shipping; definitely not worth it.)

Thankfully, I am not going to completely freeze until I buy some pants. ADP has a pair of running pants, circa 1993. They aren’t cold-weather pants. The definitely aren’t technical. But, they will cover my legs and keep me from freezing when the temperature continues to drop. Plus, given the amount of sheen they have, I’ll be wearing a pair of shorts over them…I may run, but that doesn’t mean I’m that comfortable with wearing fitted shiny pants running.

This morning I was back on the treadmill. I must say once again that running two days a week isn’t doing it for me. I do have an appointment on Nov 11 with a foot and ankle specialist and I hope to get good news. I have my own opinions about my toe (which I have shared at length with ADP); I’ll find out soon enough what is really going on. Back to the treadmill – 1 mile warm up, 3 miles “fast”, 1 mile cool down followed by walking to finish out the time for a grand total of 5.27 miles.

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Manderz said...

Check marshalls, tj maxx and aj wright for running pants. I have purchased UA and Nike pants for half the price!