Friday, October 2, 2009

A Little Late, 3.25 mi

I decided I needed sleep more than I needed to go on a run this morning. I'm glad I slept in because boy was my bed comfortable! Of course, as soon as I was awake I was wondering when to go running. Not in the morning, we desperately needed to get to the grocery store. Not at lunch, there was a preschool outing at the apple orchard. Not in the afternoon, I have to be here to get Bugs off the bus. Finally, I sent ADP a text saying I was going for a run when he gets home. I haven't run in the afternoon in a long time.

I had a short 3 miles planned for today. I did the closest run possible, 3.25 miles. I also had some excess energy to burn off so I ran faster than normal. All I can say is that if I can pull off a run like that again I'll have no troubles breaking my 30-min 5K barrier.

Today: 3.25 miles
Weekly total: 19.25 miles

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