Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lifetime Feels Great

ADP and I went to the gym yesterday and joined. It will take a while to get used to driving somewhere to exercise, but I'll come to love time. I have run a couple times since my half-marathon, but my legs aren't at 100% so I'm not pushing myself yet. I plan on hitting the gym on Tuesday night to see how it goes.

In addition to running a half-marathon last Sunday, my exciting week continued on Tuesday night when I weighed in at Weight Watchers and made Lifetime. It feels great to be where I want to be with my weight. Yet it is hard to not say "just 5 more pounds." If I lost 5 more pounds I'd probably look a little better, but I don't think it would be maintainable. I have some big changes coming in the next few years and I chose a maintainable weight. I may loose those five pounds, I may not. The important thing is I like where I am and I feel can do it forever.

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sam said...

Oh My Gosh congratulations on making life time!!! that is so amazing suzy!! you are truly an inspiration.

It is important to choose something maintainable. I know I sometimes get some crazy numbers in my head and I have to tell myself it isn't realistic for me. I am just over the moon happy for you!! yay!