Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gym Visit #1

I went to the gym for the first time this afternoon. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Why wasn’t it great? I was jealous of all the people running on treadmills. This is the way life goes so I made the visit the best I could.

I started on a stair climber. I haven’t been on a stair climber since 2001 and I remember why: it only took two minutes before I felt it in my quads. I lasted one rolling hill that took 15 minutes to complete. About when my 15 minutes was wrapping up everyone who got to the gym right after work was leaving so lots of machines were opening up.

I did a 90 second switch of machines (move my things, wipe down the stair climber and start up the arc trainer). I decided before going to the gym I’d get 45 minutes of cardio in…so I set the arc trainer for 30 minutes in order to round out my 45 minutes. Details: incline of 3, resistance of 25, average steps per minute of 141.

I had a good cardio workout and kept my heart rate up. I took time after exercising to get some good stretching in. I couldn’t bring myself to do my push-ups while I was there, so I did them when I got home. Next time I’ll go for an hour and try out those bike things and maybe get a pushup or two done.

The best part, my toe is no worse for the wear. I have found an orthopedist that I may go to for a second opinion on my toe.


JenLo said...

I heard another runner with an injury that loved the rowing machine. Not sure if I'd like it, but it might be worth a try for variety, plus it would be good upper body involvement too.

Suzy said...

JenLo - Thanks for the idea. I saw people on the rowers (which are right behind the stepper I was on). I'll definitely try them out sometime soon.

Melissa said...

Rowing is a great full body workout too. Check out the video below for rowing technique, it is about 3 minutes long.

sam said...

That machine looks intense and confusing. Thy gym in general is a terrifying place for me, I get confused to easily.

I am glad to hear the toe is doing ok. When do you got to the orthopedist?


I have been eating a banana or pb on wheat bread for breakfast the past 3 mornings! Thanks for the suggestions!