Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giddy with Excitement

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she mentioned my running blog (Mom, thanks for reading!!). I was surprised at some of what she said. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact words she used, but what I took away is that I may only be writing about the challenges associated with my training. I think (and hope) ADP would give a different picture than I do.

While I write about getting up early and being tired a lot of the time, ADP and my kids could give you a better report about other hours of the day. When I run I work through my stress and any unanswered questions I have (basic ones like what to buy everyone for Christmas). Focusing my mind and body for the entirety of my run makes me a better and more relaxed mom and wife. ADP doesn’t need to know my running schedule; he can tell the days I run because I’m in a better mood.

I think ADP must secretly laugh at me when I get home from a long run. I’m hot and sweaty and absolutely giddy. I shiver all day because I’m cold and yet I’m still giddy. I am not a bubbly person by nature, but I have a hard time sitting still on Saturdays because I’m so unbelievably excited about my running.

I’m tired and proud and excited and ready to keep on running.


JenLo said...

I think it's okay to talk about how hard it is--sometimes it validates the effort that it takes to get out there and do something that is so time consuming and takes so much energy, when you have a family and other responsibilities besides.'s your blog ;) So say what you want!

The Happy Runner said...

You write about what is on your mind and that's cool! Like JenLo said, it's your blog!

To answer your question from the other day, yes, I'm running the Stockade-athon. Are you running in it? It's a great race!