Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Long Run

I’ve been pretty good since my first half-marathon three weeks ago. I’ve cut my running way back and done more low-impact cardio workouts at the gym. This week marked the end of the two week reprieve I was planning on giving myself so I went out on my first longer run since my half-marathon.

It is Halloween today, which means the end of October. I was in shorts and a t-shirt because it is 68F outside!!! The wind is a good 20 mph which is good, bad and fun. Good: it kept me from getting too warm. Bad: it is coming from the S which meant the last 3 miles were into the wind. Fun: the leaves are whipping around everywhere! It was a blast to have leaves falling from the trees and being picked up off the ground and blown around.

Weather aside; I got an easy ~8 miles in (I missed two turns so I have no idea how far I actually went and I don’t want to deal with MapMyRun right now to find out). My right toe feels great, which makes me think I’m right and my FP is wrong about my toe (11 days until I see the specialist). I wrapped my left ankle and I’m really glad I did. It felt good and strong until the last mile when it wasn’t quite right. I think I need to find more ankle strengthening exercises.

Now I am just hoping the weather holds off so we can take the kids trick-or-treating!

Week in review:
Running: 13 miles
Cross-training sessions: 3


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Your weather sounds great (except for the running into the wind part) and a lot like ours here in Houston. Sometimes I feel like I'm The Weather Channel I post so much about the weather, but what a difference good weather makes to a run! Glad you got in a longer run! Have fun tonight!

Mark said...

Good to hear about your toe feeling better. We're ready for the trick or treaters!!

JenLo said...

That's awesome--I'm sure it felt great to get back out there with no toe trouble ;)