Friday, October 23, 2009

Do You Have Races Planned?

Yesterday when Felice quickly stopped by she asked if I had any races planned (I feel bad I didn’t ask the same of her – sorry Felice). No, I don’t. I am not even sure how to schedule out races. I don’t do many races, but those I participate in I enjoy. It is always a rush to have so many people around, but I don’t think it is worth the cost of most races to participate. The running club I belong to, HMRRC, has a winter race series. The sign-ups are day of so I can decide to participate depending on time, if I feel like it, and the weather. Plus, I’ve heard they are a bit more laid back. I think it is exactly what I need in a race.

My run yesterday was my first run outdoors since the half-marathon and I got some good thinking done during those five miles. Without trying to I mentally went through the half-marathon and the bumps I had along the way. I knew going into the race I would be able to finish it and yet I had troubles starting about the 10 mile mark. I spent time yesterday thinking about it and the thoughts I had while running the half-marathon and about the five mile marker it started in the back of my mind: I was afraid I would run out of energy at the end of the race. This affected me and I started compensating about mile 10 so I would be able to run the end of the race. My longest training run was 12.25 miles. There isn’t a huge difference between 12.25 and 13.1, but it was enough to mentally hamper my race. I now know for my next half-marathon (yes, there will be a next time) I will do a training run of more than 13.1 miles.


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Glad I found your blog after reading about it on the Happy Runner blog! Congrats on finishing your first half marathon! I hope there will be many more to follow!

sam said...

Isn't it amazing what your mind can do? There isnt a huge difference but your mind makes you think there is. Not that I know that thought process seeing as how my longest run is about 4 miles.

your right about training helping with stress. I finally got a run in today and I feel so much better!

Manderz said...

I am running in the troy turkey troy for sure this thanksgiving. The turkey trot was my very first 5k and I finished in 39:02 - I am hoping to finish 10 mins faster this year!! That of course is if my IT Band ever lets me run again.

I plan on doing the HMRRC winter series too - although its usually the hard core runners so I am sure I will be dead last each race LOL.

Kim said...

Your second Half will be better. I started to fade at mile 10 on the first race, but it really wasn't till mile 12 this time. But that last mile...whoo boy! It's definitely mental. Taking what I learned from SJR helped me be MUCH MUCH more relaxed at the Rock & Roll. That relaxation really helped a lot. I think the stress of the unknown about a half-marathon really sucks energy out of you.