Monday, October 12, 2009

The Day After

It is hard to believe I ran a half-marathon yesterday. First, the unofficial times have been posted. Apparently they won’t be official until 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I don’t think my time will change (it is only a few seconds different than my watch time) so here it is:


I’m pleased with my time. I need to work on my pacing and I’ll do better next time. I like to leap-frog and that isn’t good for pacing. I was going for 10 minute miles (which I can do without any troubles when running alone) and I by the time I finished the first three miles I was already three minutes faster than I should have been. I slowed down some and kept going with my “plan.” OK, I didn’t have an actual plan but I did know I needed some jellybeans every 30 minutes and water every 20-30 minutes after the first 4 miles. Needless to say the eating and drinking went fine (except the little belly ache at mile 8).

All was going fine and then I made it to mile 10 and I have to say it was similar to hitting a brick wall. Wow, all of a sudden I couldn’t get my heart to slow (it wasn’t dangerously high but definitely out of my mental comfort zone) and I couldn’t get my legs to go. I walked more than I’d like to admit in the last couple miles (a couple minutes at each mile marker). Of course the professional photographer was in the last few miles and I did what Olsens do – I smiled and ran (I’ve been accused of having too photogenic of a family…we’ll wait and see if this holds!).

The one piece that kept me going the last few miles was my family. I knew my kids and ADP were waiting at the end and I was determined to be running when I saw them. I have never been so happy to hear cow bells in my life! Both kids were shaking them and since they were only the third cow bells heard on the course I was pretty sure who was ringing them. I really wanted to stop at my family, but there was 0.1 mile left to run. I finished and then started crying. Running brings every emotion to the surface and I had nothing left to hold the tears in. Thankfully the kids didn’t see the tears because they don’t quite get “happy” tears.

I heard bells!13 mile mark
Last night we went out to dinner and I had a great salmon burger and more French fries than one person should be allowed to eat. I earned every single one of the fries and I enjoyed them all!


Melissa said...

Congrats again! You really outdid yourself!

The Happy Runner said...

Congratulations!!! That's a great time! Post big race french fries are the best :-)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That is a great time. I am totally having my kiddos cheer with cow bells in the future..

I wonder what the wall was about.. Maybe for next time do a training run over the 13 miles...then there wont be a mental wall... (If you did run more than 13 miles in training disregard)


sam said...

oh my gosh the cowbells are so cute! congrats on the run, i think your time is stupendeous!! i hope your toe feels better! ouch!

Velma said...

Congrats!!! You got it done, and I love the pictures with the kiddos.