Saturday, October 24, 2009

Commencing Operation Intense Study

I will not spend the next two weeks perusing the internet looking for 2010 races to enter…well, I’ll try not to. Starting this week I have a new focus: operation intense study. In two weeks I have my comprehensive exams for my master’s degree and I need to get back to the books. I am working on my teaching certification and master’s degree so I can teach high school chemistry. The comp exam is a three hour written exam (thank goodness it is on computer!!) covering all the classes I’ve taken for my degree. It is hard to believe it is only two weeks away.

A monumental exam takes lots of thought and preparation so I’ll be doing away with fun music and TV when I exercise so I can mull through all the materials for the exam. The great thing about exercising is that I spend the time figuring out answers to questions and problems. I think exercising in the next two weeks will be physically and intellectually exhausting and I’m going to LOVE it! Every run goes faster when I have something to think about and I the only trouble I’ll have is figuring out which part of the problem to work on next.

This morning, since I haven’t started studying hard yet, I used the recumbent bike in the cardio theater. I started on a ‘cardio’ program but within minutes the resistance was so great I couldn’t even peddle. I switched to a ‘manual’ program and did just fine keeping my heart rate up, but not too high. I finished out my hour on the rowing machine. Thanks to everyone who suggested it – it was a good arm workout (which meant I didn’t do my pushups at the gym again today). A special thanks to my sweet friend Melissa who recommended this video on rowing technique.

Week in review:
Running: 9 miles
Cross-training sessions: 2

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Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

That's great that you can think about your studies while you exercise - that's a skill! I hope you get lots of good studying in and ace those tests!