Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chaffing and Blisters

All runners have chaffing and blisters at some point. I’ve had chaffing because of hot weather, an ill fitting sports bra, and from shorts that rub the wrong way. Blisters are usually kept to my feet. Yesterday at the gym I used a recumbent bike and a rowing machine and somehow ended up with a blister on my rear end. I don’t know which machine is the culprit (although I’m leaning toward the rowing machine because I did it second). Until now, chaffing and blisters bothered me, but did not affect my daily movement. Well, if you have a blister on your rear it hurts to sit, move around, and when you take a shower literally feels like you are being branded.

My shower this morning went better and I didn’t yelp in pain. Sitting however isn’t very comfortable yet.

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Melissa said...

Oh yeah, I get that from doing sit ups using an Abmat (a thingie that is supposed to make sit ups have a wider range of motion).

Blisters there really hurt.