Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost Surreal

Thursday mornings are “lazy” mornings at our house. It is the one morning when we don’t have anything going on until 11:20 when Bugs gets on the bus. I take the opportunity to sleep until 6:30 and with my new schedule not getting cleaned up until after exercising in the afternoon. So, imagine my surprise when Felice rings my doorbell to drop-off the Solixir I won at her blog. Punky and I were deep into making brownies and I’m dressed in baggy clothes in preparation for my afternoon gardening time. Felice and I chatted for a little while and while I would have loved to talk longer, she had a little one waiting for her and Punky was pulling at me because she wasn’t finished mixing the brownies. When we finished the brownie mixing and I popped them in the oven I immediately called ADP at work. He was a gem and listened to me and how horrible I thought looked and then it hit me – should I see Felice again I’ll probably not only look like this but I will be running a race and thus probably sweaty as well. I guess runners see each other at our worst (hot and sweaty) and our best (running and loving it). At least I put my contacts in this morning.

In addition to having a lazy morning, an afternoon in the gardens, I already changed my gym schedule. No one is going to blame me. When ADP arrived home I had planned on going to the gym, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go. The last two weeks have been cool with highs around 50 and when ADP pulled in the driveway it was 73F!! I couldn’t go exercise inside. It’s October 22 and in the 70s so I went for a relaxed 5 mile run. I loved it.

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The Happy Runner said...

HA! You looked fine -- believe me! I've answered the door looking like a total grunge SO MANY times and you definitely looked better than that!

We should plan to meet at one of the winter series races this year and we can revel in our sweaty grossness :-)