Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 To Get Going, 8 miles

This morning was my last longer run before my race on Saturday. I think my mind was playing tricks on me during the run to make sure I am ready. I had different aches and pains which I've never had before. Once I concentrated on the ouch it disappeared and the pain showed up somewhere else. It also took almost four miles for me to get comfortable running this morning. Given my run was eight miles long the first half was very long. I'm done running and I have no aches or pains so I'm convinced my running pains were just mental hurdles. Now that I've cleared the hurdles all I need to do is catch up on my sleep! Unfortunately it isn't going to happen tonight because I have class. There is always tomorrow.

Today: 8 miles
Weekly total: 18 miles


Manderz said...

WOW 8 miles a few days before the race - you are much braver then I am! I actually spent the entire day in the ER yesterday and couldnt get in my run. Woke up this morning with extremely sore legs and butt!!! I am freaking out, hopefully I can do a slow easy run today or tomorrow to loosen up for sunday!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

The mind can do FUNNY things to the body.. Hang in there!!

sam said...

Sounds like your mind was getting the best of you! I know how that goes! Thanks for the congrats. your right 1.8 is maintanable and that's what I need to remember. I want to keep it off so I don't want numbers that are too high!

Ah your run is coming up in 3 days?!?! are you excited?