Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 Years Early

I’ve known for a very long time that I would get arthritis. My mom, grandma and great aunts all seemed to get arthritis when they turned 50. So, consider me bamboozled when I visited my doctor on Thursday and he told me the pain in my toe was arthritis, probably due to overuse. GAH! I’m only 33! For those with subtraction challenges (ADP, this means you), I have arthritis 17 years EARLY.

My doctor is great, always answers my questions, and takes time to explain things. This visit was a little different because I heard about his wife’s experience with this…and he tossed Shaq into the mix too. When we were done talking I had my right foot x-rayed three ways and the x-rays came back great.

Now the bummer: I should rest my foot. He didn’t go so far as to tell me to stop running, but if I don’t replace some runs with low-impact cross-training then there is a good chance I will end up needing surgery. GAH times two! I know cross training is good for the body, but I really love running. I’m not fast, but it is something I feel I can do well. So, to be told my running is essentially hurting me is hard to swallow.

Since I exercise at home and I don’t have access to a variety of low-impact cardio machines (remember, winter and snow are rapidly approaching) I am looking at joining a gym. There are a few to choose from in my area. The one I want to join is because of the amenities; unfortunately is over-packed and the most expensive. The other two gyms are relatively comparable except for the price. Needless to say, I think I’ll be re-joining Gold’s Gym this weekend. Maybe I’ll take up spinning while I’m there…


Manderz said...

Suzy, I am so sorry :( I know its tough to hear but I'm sure you will find a middle ground so that you can continue to run. I am part of Planet fitness - it doesnt have the amenities or classes but its only $10/month and I dont feel guilty when I dont use my membership as much in the warmer months.

JenLo said...

Ugh!! Do you think it might be worth going to see a sports medicine Dr. who may have some alternative treatments? They are usually very determined to keep you in your chosen sport and help you manage injuries without doing further damage and without having you give up what you love to do. Someone like that may have some treatment options that they recommend specifically for athletes that aren't in the normal bag of tricks of a family dr. or internal medicine dr. We had this experience with a bursitis problem my son had during wrestling and he was able to continue without doing further damage with advice from a sports medicine doctor, even though his pediatrician had said he would need to quit. Just a thought.

Rachel said...

Suzy, I'm so sorry! I understand the frustration; I have bloodwork out right now waiting to hear if I have arthritis in my hands. My dream of many years has been to learn to play the piano I finally just bought, and there are few things I enjoy more than doing Katie's hair. Why does it have to so severely affect the things we love?! Big hugs to you, sweetie!