Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying Out New Sunglasses

I finished shoveling the snow last winter and needed to go inside for a moment to get something and I did something I never should have: I set my sunglasses on the car. When I went back outside I needed to go get the kids from preschool so I got in the car, put on the sunglasses I keep in the car and drove away. Needless to say I never saw those sunglasses again. The worst part is the sunglasses I put on the car were my running sunglasses. I’ve been without ever since.

I don’t buy expensive sunglasses. I may have bought a pair or two in the past, but my kids liked going through my purse and trying on my sunglasses when they were younger so I tried to not buy anything that I couldn’t easily replace. The same held true with my running sunglasses. I usually had to clean little fingerprints off them before I could wear them on a run. I’m just surprised the kids didn’t break them before I lost them.

I finally bought a replacement pair. Well, I bought two replacement pair because the first broke the first time I wore them so I took them back and got a new style. I’ll be trying them out this weekend. I hope it is sunny so I can figure out if they work for me and the sun will help me stay warm.
You can find these sunglasses at Target.

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Manderz said...

16 days does sound so close!

Thanks for the support on the weight loss front - I will keep at it and hope that the pounds keep coming off.

I am looking forward to your review on the sunglasses. I have sensitive eyes and have worn my "movie star" glasses on a run or two!