Sunday, September 6, 2009

Time for Long Sleeves

We haven’t had the warmest summer here, so I started thinking about long sleeve shirts at the beginning of August. I’ve said it before, I like to run early in the morning and it can be pretty cool before the sun comes up. My arms started getting really cold so I finally researched some cold-weather clothing.

I started with an article from the January 2009 issue of Runner’s World that had some great information about how much to wear.

What to Wear

A quick guide to dressing for winter running

Sun: 35° to 45° F Wear tights or thin running pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a vest. You may be able to keep your hands warm using the thumbholes of your long-sleeve shirt when it's 45° F outside, but you should put on gloves when it's closer to 35° F.

Rain: 35° to 45° F Slim-fitting tights fare better than pants in rain since they won't get as wet and droopy. And a wool base layer will keep you warmer than a synthetic top since the natural fiber retains warmth when wet. Finally, a water-resistant jacket is fine for a drizzle, but you'll want something waterproof in a deluge.

The article also has information on what to wear when it is even colder, but only truly insane runners go out when it is below freezing. First up, I needed to find a long-sleeve shirt. I am on the cheap side but I don’t want to freeze so I tried my best to find a long-sleeve shirt that was on sale (hard to come by at this time of year). I haven’t seen any sales, but I plan to scan the ads every Sunday. If I don’t see anything soon I’ll head to my go-to store: Target. I like their C9 by Champion line and I heard they have long sleeve running shirts in stock.

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