Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Am Ready, 12.2 miles

I have a lot to say about today’s run. Most important is the fact that I did it! The rest is not as important and has a lot to do with the weather (40F) and my need of warmer clothes for these cooler temperatures.

I ran a new route this morning. I tried to map out 12 miles through and around the close subdivisions and it looked like I took a really long piece of spaghetti and dropped it. There was no way I would remember what direction I was supposed to be going at any given time so I ventured farther from the house this morning. It went well, there were more hills but they didn’t do me in completely. I also “cheated” and took music along. I have been very good about running without music since I started this training but like I said earlier this week I couldn’t wrap my head around the number 12 so I took my mp3 player along. I didn’t turn it on until I was half done with my run. I don’t know that it helped much, but it was there in the background just in case.

Now, onto the weather… It was a balmy 40.2F this morning when I headed out on my run according to our house thermometer. ADP informed me when I got home that the radio was reporting 37F. I’ll take 40F for good measure. I do not have winter running gear because I’ve always retreated indoors by now. My wish list has expanded after this morning’s run: gloves, running pants, another long sleeve shirt, and probably something to keep my ears warm. First up is going to be gloves! My hands froze even though they were wrapped up in my long sleeves.

If you saw me this morning I was not a model of color coordination! I had red sunglasses, a bright pink long sleeve shirt, a black running skirt, all topped with a bright yellow vest. I was a sight for sore eyes, but you couldn’t miss me even if you tried.

I know I can run 13.1 miles after this morning’s 12.2 mile run!! I’m ready.

Today: 12.2 miles
Weekly total: 35.6 miles
Training total: 242.3 miles

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