Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Good Night's Sleep, 7.6 miles

Yesterday I spent quite a while riding in a car. The view was beautiful (the Adirondack Park), the destination was amazing (time with family), but I was sitting for a long time. I didn't know how today's run was going to go given that I'm not used to sitting for so long. Thankfully, I got a solid 9 hours of sleep last night which makes all the difference in when I run.

My run went well, although a little longer than expected. It has been one week and I have already forgotten what I said last week about checking my mileage before leaving home (see Running from Shadows). I didn't have anywhere I had to be this morning so I didn't think anything of running an extra half-mile.

One thing that surprised me this morning was my time. I have mentioned before that I am a slow runner. My long runs are nice and relaxed with one main goal: enjoy the run. I don't know what my splits are (mainly because I don't know where the mile marks on my runs are and I don't know if my HRM even does splits). What I know is that I ran 7.6 miles faster than I ever have before. Maybe I should get 9 hours of sleep before running more often.

Today: 7.6 miles
Weekly total: 22.6 miles
Training total: 154.7 miles

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