Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rest Day...sort-of

I have no major qualms with our medical insurance and tonight I really like it. Every couple months we get a mailing with listings of free classes that are available for members to take. The classes include everything from introductions to martial arts for kids, tours of grocery stores, and how to cook for various diets.

In the past I haven't taken any classes because I was too slow to sign up or nothing interested me. This time I found a class and signed up for all three sessions. Tonight was the first and I'm glad I went. It would be a good class to take after or before a short run. Here is the write up from the gym that hosted the class:

Core Conditioning
My name is Mike, instructor of Core Conditioning at Healthplex. I started this class in order to help members of Healthplex improve their overall core stability and strength. I have found that most people who work out their core regularly only focus on their abdominal muscles. Most abdominal exercises do very little for your "inner" core muscles, which help stabilize your spine. By working your inner core with stability exercises, you can eliminate or prevent back pain. After one class, you will feel muscles you haven't felt before, and become aware of strength you
didn't know you had!

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