Thursday, August 20, 2009

Non-rest Rest Day

I had my last core conditioning class tonight. The free class ran for 3 weeks and it was good for me to get back to a gym. The class may have been free, but there was weekly advertising for the gym. One of the deals were great (2 weeks free) and one was pretty good (3 months for $59), which leaves the question of what the rate is when the introductory offers are done? I didn't look because I'm not looking to join a gym right now, but if I decide to join one again I'll definitely look at this gym.

I usually arrived a few minutes before class and had some time to talk to other people taking the class. It sounded like quite a few people were sore after the first week and some were after the second week as well. I wasn't. Apparently I do just enough to keep my "core conditioned" so I wasn't affected. I know I was working during the class because my muscles were hurting (the good kind of hurt) while I was doing the exercises. Next Thursday I plan on sitting my rear on the couch and watching TV instead of going through another class. I'm happy I took the class and I'm even happier that it is finished!

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