Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/12, 3 miles

This morning it felt like my alarm went off hours earlier than normal. I was not ready to get up and run, but my senses kicked in and I knew once I was done I would be happy (and I was!). My normal routine is pretty fast in the morning – running clothes on, contacts in, fill water bottle, run. Not only is it dark at 4:45 a.m., but I am alone in the basement where absolutely no one sees my (and my bed head).

I was tired, but when I looked at my training sheet it didn’t make sense. “4 miles?” I ran 4 miles yesterday. So, I looked back and I misread yesterday’s mileage and ran 4 miles instead of three. Bonus for a tired day: only 3 miles! (Yes, I put the word “only” before the number 3.)

Training should be flexible. So it doesn’t bother me to mix up two days. My reading as led me to believe it is okay (although not recommended) to miss some training runs…as long as they aren’t long runs. Life happens and sometimes running takes the back seat.


  • 3 miles
  • cool

Weekly total: 9.68 miles

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